The Pee Pee Chronicle

Thomas Duffy

By T. Duffy, Guest Columnist

I could have said the penis chronicle, but it has nothing to do with neither way of describing it. What it does relate too, are the men attached to them. I emphasize attached, because removing it could change the conduct of men to help set the country on a better path, since that’s what usually drives him. Not physically, but by impulse, since most truly believe since he’s the alpha male, he has the right.

I’ve said many times, regardless of the creativity or good many has done, idle minds of adamant men have been able to beat the odds with long life and conjure up ways to disrupt, destroy and infect the lives of people. What adds to this is white men’s belief; he’s free to do most anything he wants with minimum consequences. Unfortunately in many situations past and present has proved that to be true. 

Although it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I realize just from things I’ve seen and experienced over the years, it’s almost a natural occurrence since man /men have always been in conflict. Strange sometimes when the friction ends, few rarely knew why it started.


Many times when the country is going through something, the media often say’s it’s the people with the opinion. But hearing they feel this way or that way about the matter, I usually believe its men and only men, since a large percentage of them expect women to not have an opinion, unless it has some direct connection to them. Of course this attitude exists more-so amongst them, but it’s different amongst blacks. Although there may be some who believe women aren’t smart enough to have an opinion about most things, black men generally don’t view black women to be mediocre to the point where her views means nothing.   


But what really led me to this is observing the way white men today are trying to set the country back to where they can probably rule in their favor. They sweeten it up with words like conservative. Those in positions of power politically especially those running the states, are really doing their own thing irrespective of their responsibilities. The national oversight is rarely openly indicting them to be the primary culprit spewing out negativity that has kept the country polarized. Most rely on the poll game to support their antics. It occurs when the media say’s it’s the people who feel like they do about things. But it isn’t the people, it’s them only. They have contested new immigration policies, abortion, voter rights, and healthcare, [because of who initiated it] and until recently, denying any and all individuals selected by this president to head specific agencies. It made me wonder if things should go their way, what country would or could send someone here politically or militarily to help pressure them for some means of helping to put things back in order. If we look at our endeavors not forgetting the billions of dollars spent around the world interfering and trying to remove certain leaders of other nations who commit many of the same in transgressions, shouldn’t we question the double standards we’re living by and add freedom because it usually face some opposition for non whites, where most of it comes from white men.

Their immaturity and panic is seen in their persistence on abortion, with the deeper feelings if they don’t address it, it would help cause more of their chances to become a minority. The real immaturity is not realizing time would do that anyway, since the birth of white children isn’t a prerequisite. On a larger scale is how the people, who do include white women, don’t know who to point their finger at for creating their dilemma. It’s always someone else’s fault. Those politicians whose disenchantment with immigration, believe it would encourage that circumstance to become more prevalent and much sooner, since it’s been noted at least 11 million Mexicans are already here illegally. As far as their recent attack on voting rights, it’s to make certain fewer blacks or other minorities are selected to occupy political positions that would limit their chances of controlling how the country is being run. Sounds like another push for reconstruction again to me.

Much more bias are other white men on the fringe of possibly instigating some form of racial conflict, sitting behind their mikes interjecting their polarizing venom on television and radio. Strange but no one has ever asked them, what would be the benefits if things suddenly changed. Nevertheless as much as some of my own people seem to act negatively towards this president and I hate to say they are primarily black men, I still believe his election was important, because he has let the world see the true side of the country.                                           


To speak briefly about the Trayvon Martin case, is for me to say how I believe the perception of one’s blackness when you’re a child of mixed parents where one of them is white, can perplex the lives of those who feel they have questionable identity and acceptance. For some individuals it could be a growth factor, for others it could be an almost diabolical experience. Cruel enough in mindset to feel they will be left in a world someday where he/she or anyone else can connect them to anyone.

From the late Stokely Carmichael to Rap Brown who I knew very well, the need for personal identity and acceptance I believe helped them to become viable forces as community activists and key players for change during the upsurge of the civil rights movement. If I further my thoughts to Malcolm X who I also knew, Angela Davis and Jo Anne Chesimard to name a few, you will see they all led similar lives of turmoil. Unknowingly to even those who dealt with them, few would believe there was an inner concern about their blackness that made their efforts to ensure fairness for blacks much more passionate than most other blacks who participated. In fact none ever suggested any part of the civil rights effort be peaceful, like Martin Luther King Jr., Mega Evens or others. Other than Malcolm X, those who were members of SNCC, [Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee], were also connected to the [Black Panther Party] who believed an eye for an eye was appropriate. So I believe the most difficult thing they had to deal with was acknowledging on what side of the racial-divide they should be to be recognized. Of course it should have never been an issue, but there was period in this country where light skin blacks, wasn’t easily accepted by darker skin blacks. Nevertheless since most were in the forefront as leaders of the movement, this awkwardness of prejudice for them was unseen.

Unfortunately on that day, Trayvon Martin’s confrontation with George Zimmerman was perhaps at the height of Zimmerman’s feeling of uncertainty. I’m not saying this to let Zimmerman off the hook, since his guilt is obvious, but his lack of authenticity about himself took him away from his mother’s roots or maybe her compassion, to his father’s side, because he felt his father could give him something his mother could never give him, an identity living in America. The way he spoke about Trayvon Martin being a criminal and how blacks usually get away with committing crimes, was possibly an expression of what he felt his father would believe being a white man. Although he isn’t part Mexican but Peruvian, he may not know many Hispanics who watched the trial and then heard the results didn’t like the outcome either. Reading some of the papers from that area, some even felt he would probably end up being nothing more than a pariah.     



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