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Nick Cannon, Honda and the Best Yourself Campaign Sends A Positive Message

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Nick Cannon

Honda launched a new television and digital advertising campaign this week in support of the 2013 Civic. Targeting millennials, the ‘Best Yourself’ campaign celebrates diversity and the drive to achieve success through non-traditional paths.

“We believe that things can always be better and this sentiment can be seen in the numerous improvements we made to the 2013 Civic. Honda made the best-selling compact car in the U.S. even better,” said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of auto operations at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., “The emotionally compelling and multi-layered ‘Best Yourself’ campaign is built on this foundation of continuous improvement by celebrating individual’s achievements towards personal greatness. We look forward to seeing how consumers exemplify this through the #BestYourself social community.”

The campaign’s message is incorporated across digital platforms and initiatives that include a ‘Best Yourself’ social campaign that encourages audiences to share their hopes and plans for taking their lives to the next level using the hashtag #BestYourself on Honda Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

For more information about the ‘Best Yourself’ Campaign, please visit:

Reasons an Emerging Black Middle Class Can Fail

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Thomas Duffy

By Thomas Duffy

The strange and tranquil response about the so-called one percent controlling all the wealth, which seemed to have tried to take hold of how politics are played also, should have brought the worst out in most people. But I realize there’s a segment of the white social structure that’s more distinct by middle class status and locale that seem not to care, so they usually help to give rise to those types. Their ignorance is the failure to understand there are usually no rewards for compliance. Regardless if it’s done because of race, [which I believe is more likely] or any other underline reason, it always affect people who need some support and even when their people end up on the short end of the stick, their justification is to fight against big government. Strange but few are careful to not totally agree to change what some believe are entitlements, primarily because it sounds like it would be their Social Security and Medicare. Adding to this is the rhetoric of politicians that some believe gives it more credence, yet few would believe the alter interest for these politicians, could take them back to more difficult times also. Of course it shouldn’t be surprising why they’re supportive to dump what they have adapted to be Obama-care, but again few would believe it would have any effect on them or their people. Furthermore to their ignorance, they fail to understand all politicians have government jobs, besides some of these same guys who really care more about the one percent, receive federal money from the government they said they despise, to not grow crops on farms they purchased just for that purpose. So maybe their hardships should get little government help if and when tragedies occur, because “fools are as fools do.”

For the first time in many years blacks were involved in something as a group without conflict, and that was helping to elect this president, I say helping because others voted for him also. The exhilaration and tears of happiness leading up to when we believed our chance had finally come, only festered in the demeanor of political diehard’s who lost their vision of how they would restore old traditions back to their favor. Only the most depressing for them suddenly became a gift, with the midterm elections being the catalysts.

So surprisingly their first step took little effort, because it was the old tradition of some of us not showing up to vote on important matters that gave it a push. Although there were political watchdogs, keeping an eye and ear on things, they still didn’t detect what was really taking place early on. The sudden negative rhetoric in town hall meetings and street rally’s from a new formed group took us away from discovery, so more of us concentrated on what seemed to have always pushed our buttons, [taunts of bigotry]. We grumbled with anger, disgusted about the way it was disrespecting the new president. But those who needed someone to blame, pointed the finger at that new group [tea party], with some belief it could change its frequency. But it only allowed it to spring up from everywhere, which helped to produce the distorted claims from white politicians in many states about alleged voting frauds, that was really a cover up towards changing voter’s rights.

Anyway, I believe the ability to rise to the equivalent of our antagonist is to only recognize reality as a motivator, not probability, which should warn the naive to limit any belief that they’re [really free] to do whatever they choose if they work hard and follow the rules.

We may feel proud of the few that have jumped the broom so to speak, but since it’s a small number compared to time and population growth giving that notion some validation, it has in no way completely turned things around for us. Remember, institutional bias and limited opportunity, still cause many of us to end up on the short list. Furthermore most of us have seen over the years if we do anything that’s positive, but to them is threatening, it’s referred to a certain group of white guys with the [supreme power] to change the rules. Oddly enough the push towards complicating our lives more than it is already, started to emerge in certain parts of the country soon after these same guys rulings on voting rights.

Looking at something as serious, or what I call a different brand of black person, they with little forethought showed they had become our weakest link. They are individuals who said things weren’t as bad as the rest of us knew it was. They are individuals who defend the status-quo regardless how it affects them. The surprising side of their character fails to accept that the Constitution, Bill of Rights as other earlier national documents written by white men, has never included them. But the real hard-sell is convincing them, the self-style founding fathers of this country weren’t African. So when they speak about them, it should be “those founding fathers”, “not our founding fathers” as some often declare.

Maybe this seems petty to some, but when whites who know the truth hears this, they feel we are less threatening, because we’ll say and do anything to be included. Yes it may not matter to most whites, but there’s still enough of a chunk of white males out there, to keep a mental note, to use it in their commentary.

Anyway, if I were a deeply religious person, I could say what has kept the black middle class from being an independently sound group, is nothing more than karma, just by showing the area where I worked, the institutions, agencies and positions of many in those settings, who misinformed, mistreated and lacked showing a genuine concern for their people. The success of a growing black middle class should be measured not only by their efforts, but the positive changes of the poor and elder blacks which seems to remain stagnant. Even with multitudes of success under duress, these deficiencies are a portion of what has helped to keep the vision of us still shuffling aimlessly around to be saved by a charitable federal government.

Changing the focused on this for a moment, to reveal how employees of certain banks have recently declared to have chosen to lower their integrity by lying to customers about loans. This information could lessen blacks input, but since there are other self-inflicted reasons, they must take a portion of the blame, since it was they who seem to take their usefulness for granted; believing anything that would happen in favor of whites [who many often focused their lives on] would also include them.

On the other side of the coin, the decline of what we know to be the more notable black middle class may not have resulted from most of the same circumstances, but it was destined because of ignorance, poor perception regarding risks, where most were too conciliatory with financial choices that were self-indulging and wasteful.

But as serious and perhaps more provocative were politics and social viewpoints coming from middle class whites that were usually contrary or bias for any chance of unification for support, because there’s no true diversified middle class. This is where the success of a definitive middle class faces a quandary, since these measures have hampered any chance to build an essential grouping to address more than circumstances relating to labor. When I listen to the president talking about restoring the middle class, I usually believe it would be fragmented, because it would probably elevate whites as blacks remain stagnant.

Why is this important? When proceedings of various factions within the black middle class who’s in a position and savvy enough to address some of the problems thrust upon the most vulnerable, probing and often critical white observers usually claim some need of assistance will be affixed, that will outweigh their ability to tackle the matter for positive results. Of course it’s stereotypical in content, but it has become the way so-called white social pundits write books and downplay our abilities regardless of status to do most things without first pointing the finger at the establishment as a lead in to ask or expect a handout. Remember regardless of the intelligence or real political agenda of this president, or what he has done to improve the condition and lives of whites also, he’s still labeled the food stamp president by some.

But I will end this with another social impediment; they are blacks [mostly men] who help add more negatives to the most critical of whites who are determined to keep us from settling into a life of normality because of their narcissistic pointless rhetoric. I’ve read articles and heard commentary from them who’s suppose to be educated, who should keep silent. They know the difficulty this president has been going through, yet they have even lashed out to the point of personal resentment, because they somehow felt it’s his responsibility to extend himself primarily to blacks to help improve their lives. Ironically their public display of showmanship is often a disgrace because they are really individuals who wanted to be deemed important as others who have shown their only real effort to help things to get better for blacks, are in their complaints.

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