Tavis Smiley: Black People Are Not Better Off Under Obama


By Black Men In America.com Staff Writer

Last week Tavis Smiley, who seems to show up more frequently on the FOX News Channel appeared on the Sean Hannity Show.  While discussing the government shutdown the conversation shifted near the end of the interview.

Host Hannity“Are black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?”

Smiley“Let me answer your question very forthrightly: No, they are not,” Smiley said. “The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category.”

Smiley:  “On that regard,” he added, “the president ought to be held responsible.”

Smiley:  “I respect the president. I will protect the president. And I will correct the president. He’s right on this government shutdown. Republicans are thwarting the rule of law with the Constitution. If they let this debt go into default, they’re trampling again on the Constitution.”

You can click here to watch the entire interview Of course, not everyone agrees with Tavis.  James E. Causey, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Tavis is wrong. Causey writes:  “Things are bad, but blacks are better off than we were before Obama took office.  Click here to read Mr. Causey’s article.
What do you think?

5 Responses to “Tavis Smiley: Black People Are Not Better Off Under Obama”

  1. Lorenzo Gray Says:

    True, yet Black people are not doing better under themselves. What do you do to improve the life of a child that is not a family member. Black people use the “N” word without the likes of Tavis, Cornell, Al, Jesse, etc. addressing the issue on the front lines. Black males sag their pants with butts out and NAACP gives awards for things that are not near as important. Large portions of Black organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually with Black gatherings at white or other non-Black venues, and you only point out Obama’s short comings. Obama is one person that happens to be Black, he is part of the establishment just as many Black cops and Black police chiefs and FBI agents are. A Black FBI agent recently publicly justified Assata Shakur being placed on the American terrorist list at the age of 65 and the bounty on her head being raised from $1,000,000 to 2,000,000 and Obama is the primary culprit for the lack of progress for the masses of Black people in America. Please, give me a break! 

    • Obama must come forth like so many predecessors before, and Pardon those enslaved in the prison Industry iaw 13th amendment. This enslavement, this requirement to work for free restriction put upon these inmates, removes needed child support and votes from the community. It is the president’s job at hand. I don’t think he is asleep. Perhaps, however, in need of public outrage similar to display at closed park, as ordered by a pompous congress. I agree that your theory is correct. However a philosophy based on the premise that human life consists of a series of choices falls short. It holds the victim responsible for excessive laws always in flux. The word Negus is a noun derived from the ancient language Ge’ez “to reign.” It denotes a King,[2] as the Bahri Negasi of the Medri Bahri Kingdom in pre-1890 Eritrea and the Negus in pre-1974 Ethiopia. The title has subsequently been used to translate the word “King” in Biblical and other literature.
      Kids must understand political agenda divide and conquer stratagem perpetrated by the real freeloaders, the so called “royalty and Rich. Children who can get along get along to survive; take away ability to get along, you remove survival possibilities… Things like freedom of speech or including the freedom to wear what you want and how you want is by far only a right that Miley Cyrus has (not even Janet Jackson). Taxpayers, Not the rich by ‘privilege’, pay the U.S. forward in America. The arrogant USA rich people, aka; Halliburton, BP Oil, Koch Bros, GOP, Tea party, Texas elite, Healthcare of America (Columbia/HCA), believe that as a result of their ‘privilege’ US taxpayer funds and the US Constitution belong to them and theirs, only. While, the rest of us should remain good Christians, go to jail, die and go to a place called their heaven; only their children, via legendary divide and conquer stratagem are entitled to, and thus should, go out, and prosper, at all cost to you. One way that the rich has always avoided paying a fair share is by restricting the rights of others and profiting on slave labor. In order to capitalize on the works of others, they create and use laws and name calling terms, like gang-related for children. Obama is not asleep.

  2. Let us help Obama do what need to be done. He Listens!

  3. 1.8 Million American Blacks are imprisoned today. Each year, roughly 7000 blacks are murdered. I care about this. Who is teaching our children. If you were to pay Black parents to teach their own children, these stats would change. If a child fails, don’t pay the parent. Teachers are paid for failing black children. We are required by law to send our children to schools that fail them. Our children are dying in prison and on the street. You do the math. This is worth fighting for. The UN has ruled solitary confinement to be cruel and unusual punishment. Stop Killing Sucking the life out of American/African Black Babies (gang related/pirate is the name racist choose to replace the word nigger). These are our “BABIES’ (the word we choose)

    Negus |ˈniːgəs|
    noun historical
    a ruler, or the supreme ruler, of Ethiopia.
    ORIGIN from Amharic n’gus ‘king’.
    Let’s get this healthcare dental/glasses. We still got our lead bullets inside of us; bullets in blacks youth, shot.

  4. PLEASE Let us Pray: Hispanic Killing Black Youth is a learned behaviour #BarackObama under #LynchLetter

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