R. Kelly and Devaluing Young Black Girls

R. Kelly Black Panties

By Darryl James

So, here are my thoughts on R. Kelly:

Do I think he’s guilty? More than likely. When there are numerous people telling a similar story, it has to have some truth to it.

Am I outraged? Yes, but I won’t be taking any action, because those weren’t my family members. I have other fights to fight. Rest assured that if my family members were involved, we would be talking about this in past tense. That would include Sparkle, who delivered her own niece for R. Kelly to have sex with and pee upon. If that young girl were my family, Sparkle would meet the same ugly, painful fate as the child molester. But, men already know that young girls who are harmed with no retribution typically have no men in their families.

And, that brings me to my next position: I would like for people to stop the bullshit about R Kelly being able to do his thing because of some “devaluation of Black girls.” That is not the issue here. The issue is that R Kelly is a celebrity and in America, the people value celebrities more than ANYONE.

Let’s start with Roman Polanski, who stood in front of a judge and ADMITTED that he raped an underage girl. He was allowed to leave the country somehow and still make films to the point where, decades later, the film industry gave him the fugitive an award.

Was that about the devaluation of young white girls? No.

Now, let’s move on to Elvis Presley, who LOVED sticking his drunken pecker into young white girls. He was still celebrated until the day he died.

Was that about the devaluation of young white girls? No.

And, finally, let’s mention one Michael Jackson, who could not shake the pedophile label off no matter what he did. And THOSE were young white BOYS!

Was that about the devaluation of young white boys? No.

All of these cases, including R. Kelly, are essentially about the exalted citizenship Americans assign to entertainers.

I’m not defending R. Kelly, I’m just sick of people attaching unrelated issues to serious issues. If you believe that young Black girls are being devalued, deal with that issue and don’t pretend that everything is about that issue.

Frankly, most of us know that young Black boys are devalued, which is why the schools throw them away on a regular basis and society turns a blind eye while they are targeted and mainstreamed into prison, drugs, gangs and otherwise failure. When a young Black girl is in trouble, we want to know why, but when a young Black boy is in trouble, we CLAIM to already know why.

Who is devalued?

But I won’t use any and everything to make the case that young Black boys are devalued. For example, these bastards playing the knockout game SHOULD be devalued and dealt with strongly.

And, many of you who claim that young Black girls are being devalued, did so your DAMNED selves when you were mourning the white pedophile from “Fast and Furious,” somehow claiming that it was “different” in his case. It was the same thing to me–a grown ass man was having sex with an underage girl.

If you sincerely believe that R. Kelly has been harming young girls, you should take action. Raise funds for the families to go after him. Or chastise the families that took hush money. Chastise everyone, including the women who enabled him to molest their young daughters and nieces. Start boycotts of his music and his concerts and do it seriously and incessantly.

But don’t sidetrack a very serious issue with another issue.

Darryl James Author*Syndicated Columnist*Lecturer*Film Maker


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