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Undressing the N-word, Revealing the Naked Truth About Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

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Los Angeles, CA. February 10, 2014 — Undressing the N-word depicts the state of sociological views regarding questions that have been on people’s minds for years but have been considered too sensitive to talk about openly. Among these types of taboo-type discussions is one that analyzes the systemic psychological warfare and psychosocial treatment of one group over another. The systemic subjects the oppressed group to seeing, through a controlled national media, only the worst in themselves. Undressing the N-word reveals and ties together how such socially-engineered behavior brings about and correlates to crime, unemployment, welfare, child neglect, drugs, and poverty; further, the text brings to light what policy can—and cannot—do to compensate for differences in social stratification and economic disparity. Brilliantly argued and meticulously presented, Undressing the N-word is the essential first step in coming to grips with the nation’s social problems.

An aged yet completely relevant adage so goes: “Capture their minds, and their hearts and souls will follow. For once their minds are reached, they’re defeated without bullets.” This truth epitomizes the plight of the African-American community.  Breaking new ground and old taboos, H. Lewis Smith presents critical analysis as to how the 21st century modern system of psychological manipulation is so enthralling and sophisticated that it misleads many Blacks into believing that their embracing of the pejorative n-word is a normal and natural, ineffectual act.

In 1863, the Proclamation of Emancipation was signed, supposedly freeing the American slaves, but it was almost a century later before the law was fully enacted.  Accordingly, Smith argues that a man is not truly free until the shackles of the human mind, body and spirit are broken; until one is capable of taking control of their own mind and thoughts, he is still a slave.  Thinking, living and embracing an image that was long ago instilled in him, an image that holds him hostage to a dastardly past, the n-word, is not the mindset of a truly free, mentally-liberated person. Thus, Smith’s observations and resolve is solely focused on Black America’s use of the term and no one else.  Black America must become accountable and concerned about their own ultimate outcome. Smith maintains that a race either rises on its own wings, or is held down by its own weight.

In this ground-breaking book, H. Lewis Smith also traces and examines the development and indoctrination of how a race of people were conditioned and programmed to despise their own history and culture by their oppressor, as well aselaborate on how real equality and societal progression can be achieved.

Undressing the N-word will be available online Friday, February 14, 2014, paperback, ISBN 978-0-615-96242-9, $19.95 at and Barnes & Noble; eBook copies will be available Monday, February,17th at .  Orders are now being accepted at

h-lewis-smith H. Lewis Smith is the Founder and President of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (;  and author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word.”  You can follow Mr. Smith on Twitter:

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