Johnathan Gentry’s Rant Against Al Sharpton and the Ferguson, Missouri Rioters and Looters


Shortly after the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Johnathan Gentry became an Internet sensation when he went on a rant against the black community and civil rights leaders following the riots in Ferguson.  Gentry was also on the FOX News Network calling out everyone from President Obama to the NAACP and Al Sharpton.  If you have not seen or heard of Mr. Gentry, you can check him out here.

Here is Mr. Gentry’s appearance on FOX:

3 Responses to “Johnathan Gentry’s Rant Against Al Sharpton and the Ferguson, Missouri Rioters and Looters”

  1. Mr. Gentry,

    Sir, I can’t fully understand why all your displaced rants, rages and anger are directed to those that are powerless. Of course, I don’t condone the looting that went on, most of the people protesting were law-abiding citizens that were in Ferguson, and please let’s keep it on Ferguson!

    I’ll try to keep my equanimity because I do not want to get in a shouting match with you because you are unaware of the vast sociological, psychological and economical complexities involved in the Fergusons’ in America! Sir, I been stopped by the policemen many times in the past, some were good, others were very disrespectful! And yes, I’m a professional African-American man, black man with degrees!

    And yes, my presentation when interacting with the policemen were executed with the utmost etiquette and civility! Great parents! For example I just happened to be driving a nice car and was rudely approached, from the officer’s reclamation “where’s the drugs.”

    Most policemen are wonderful, my brother is a policeman! Unlike some, who direct their rages towards the downtrodden, weak and powerless. Sir, I went and filled out a complaint against that unruly officer!

    Now, I don’t know what kind of work you do but I’ve worked in those communities and witnessed first hand, the economic and overwhelming devastation those brave individuals are living and dealing with daily, something you could never understand. You mentioned in your rants and rages let not get it contorted, convoluted, or “twisted.”

    Unfortunately, that exacted what you’ve
    managed to do, if you have no clear knowledge or immediate resolution, then please don’t respond to things you don’t understand or can’t fix, anyone can blame!

    For example, when I first was learning how to swim, I did not jump into the water or I would have drowned! Many people that live in those communities are drowning and no one comes to their rescue! Do you, Sir!

    I’ve chosen to go into the fire with these individuals countless times and make a difference and positive contribution with some of these wonderful, brave, hardworking and dedicated people that still wants the America dream!

    Another thing, Sir, I’m a veteran that served my country and was almost killed from a card-carrying Klansman serving in the navy as well! Oh, by the way, 10-20 of my white brothers stood by and watch and did nothing, as I fought valiantly for my life!

    Sir, please direct that same kind of rants and rages to the Klan that are now strong in almost 40 states in the good ole USA! I fought for over 40 years to get compensated, and still fighting!

    Lastly, if Reverend Al Sharpton was around during those acrimonious times I would have called him, like the Brown’s family did, and I know that he would have been right there for me! In closing, even with all your rants and rages, if you were killed by the police, Mr. Sharpton would be right there for you, if your family called!

    Remember, there are good policemen and racist policemen that hate us for our color. Sir, you just have not ran into the right one, just give it time, sooner or later! Stay calm! Sir, if your not seeing a doctor, please see one and get your blood pressure check I care about you!

    God bless you!

    Dr. Knox

  2. Dr. Ross is delusional with a great lack of understanding. People with persecution complexes like Dr. Ross always bring up the KKK and how bad it is. But his one-sided tirade omits black on white violence, burning, looting, and destroying property, and black on black violence which continues to be a major problem in the black community. What compensation is Dr. Ross talking about? All he complains about is getting stopped by “racist” cops, which in his opinion rattled his thin-skinned personality. Dr. Ross deserves no compensation for any racial oppression. His belief, that career race-baiter Al Sharpton will be by his side to resolve race problems, is a mistake. Dr. Ross has no common sense. Al Sharpton makes money by giving speeches in places like Ferguson, MO. at his convenient place and time; he incites hatred and rioting, and disappears in daylight before the violence begins like a coward. Dr. Ross should seek psychiatric counseling for his unfortunate claims of calamities and victimization of racial hatred. Dr. Ross is correct in firing any cops that are bigots, as they can cost cities a lot of money and give police departments bad press, litigation, and a bad reputation. The Michael Brown incident and the Eric Garner incidents had absolutely nothing to do with race and Dr. Ross knows it but doesn’t address this. By omitting that race had no part in any of these incidents, Dr. Ross is a dishonest liar. He panders to the likes of Eric Holder, President Obama, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton, all voice their meaningless words only to bring more racial tension and separation between blacks and whites. Dr. Ross and civil rights leaders have truly forsaken the passive resistance used by Dr. Martin Luther King against racial hatred and injustice that successfully brought about the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and won Dr. Martin Luther King a Nobel Prize for peace. Dr. Ross’ lack of addressing morality in black families, addressing black rioting in the streets, black disrespect for law and order, and a ballooning illegitimate birth rate among blacks in troubled African American communities, makes him weak and incompetent in speaking about racial matters other than complaining like a simpleton.

  3. Rumorfly,

    In all due respect, I don’t lower my high standards to disrespect, name-calling or debasing one another. Many of my bi-polar patients look at life only through their lens or refused to engaged in a therapeutic dialogue. Sir, I don’t condone violence, rioting, looting or murder.
    It’s quite evident that you did not read my comments. Absolutely, I’m an advocate for morality for everyone and equal justice under the law for all, including African-Americans. You mentioned black on black crime, I don’t know if you are aware of this but black folks go to jail for long, long prison sentences.
    As a result of my compassionate, caring, affable composition for humanity, I firmly believe in making a difference, not making excuses. Sir, you were right about the African-Americans’ teen pregnancy but let’s be advocates in lowering the rate for Hispanics and everyone, and getting the numbers lowered. If other countries can lower their teen pregnancy numbers, Americans can also do this!
    I also shared with you the horrifying experience of the attempted murder that happened to me by a klan member, not a mere aberration, please don’t mitigate a hate crime!
    In closing, all that has happened to me, I have a wonderful life, it’s the others that needs a hand-up and not a hand-down. Let us come together and fight all injustices, poverty, teen-pregnancy and all the ills that are destructive to the country we call America!

    God bless you!

    Dr. Knox

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