The J. R. Perry Show on MOOVIE Tyme

J. R. Perry

The J. R. Perry Show is a show with a lot of history to TV and cable.  The show originally aired in 1983, making it the first urban talk show of it’s time.  During it’s run, the show aired over 690 times in the United States and the UK featuring national music acts, CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and noteworthy community leaders for over 20 years.

Touching on topics that really mattered to the viewers and the community, the J. R. Perry Show Vintage Reel on Moovie Tyme will provide rare interviews from such “movers and shakers” as Dick Griffey of Solar Records whom was instrumental in taking Soul Train to another level with his expertise as a talent coordinator, Marla Gibbs, Rolls Royce and the Foothill Police Department after the Rodney King beating.  The J. R. Perry’s Show motto is “LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD.”

Click here to learn more about J. R. Perry.  Click here to visit the Moovie Tyme website.


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