What Happened?

The 1950’s and 1960’s

1950 Black MenSammy on GQ

1950 Black Fashion


Saggy-Pants-_t23b Saggy-1

Sagging Pants

If you can capture your reaction in one word, what word would you use?

5 Responses to “What Happened?”

  1. Hey Gary…the word that comes to mind for me is “degenerate.” Our young men are retrogressing on the human socio-cultural scale. No fathers in the home for 1 to 2 generations and this absurd thug-version of haberdashery is the result. incredible!

    • Well, let’s be truthful here, and not address this issue in the same manner that we as a people seems to have embraced centered around our failed growth, and development as a people. That, well know process is always “blame someone else”…anyone else, except ourselves. If, black folks are upset, horrified, or beyond being upset by what they see black men…”and black women as well” ..then so what? One clearly reaps what one sows! People we are the BLAME, so step on the brakes trying as usual to “flip the script”. Take a look at the overwhelming majority of our communities…what do we see? Then drill down alittle deeper to further expose the myriad of “problems and issues” wherein. Take a look at how e treat each other, murder and kill each other, but then have the nerve to “proclaim that black lives matter”! Of, course they do! But, why don’t we show that? If, we don’t respect ourselves, then pray tell how will other people respect us? Respect begins at home!

  2. The same people screaming about black matter, and they do, all
    lives matter when we as a people and a nation move beyond and off course of where GOD wants us to be because we have forgotten his WORD that brings order to our lives.
    GOD is a GOD of decency and order my friends, imagine no order in the solar system and the universe, that’s what we have here on
    earth in the black family.

  3. D'jibril CISSOKHO Says:

    Today, Black Americans look like monkeys ! It really makes me sick to see that ! Where is dignity ? Where is honour ? Disgusting !

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