One Response to “CAREER CENTER”

  1. James W. Gladden Says:


    I am one of many who would probably tell yo never compromise who you are to please the ego of someone else. You truly have worked too hard to even allowe anyone to insult your intelligence that way. I you have to lie about your education to get a job, then what more in the eyes of your employer will you have to lie about. You can start your own business and blaze your own trail anyway. God may be closing those doors in order for you to do just that. You are far too intelligent to work for others anyway. Atleast that is what I am getting form the recruiters who told you to dumb down your resume. You could also join any branch of service and become an officer in the US Military. You have until 42 yrs old to join the military. That is a good option for someone of your stature. They are taking people with blemishes on their records. You are human and things happen all the time. Who cares! You will be in my prayers. Stay encouraged…

    James W. Gladden

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