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Laugh and Learn (Classic Comedy Videos)

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Dick Gregory

Laugh and Learn with us watching classic comedy videos from including Dick Gregory, Timmie Rogers, Redd Foxx, Flip Wilson featuring The Temptations, Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle, George Lopez and Richard Pryor in a classic comedy sketch as the 1st Black President.

Thanks to Brother Mike Ramey for pushing us on this idea of expanding our comedy videos.

Classic Dick Gregory (1965)

Timmie Rogers

Redd Foxx

Flip Wilson featuring The Temptations

Richard Pryor (1st Black President)

Paul Mooney

Dave Chappelle

George Lopez

The Black American Male’s Extinction: Will Black America Allow it to Happen?

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By H. Lewis Smith

In a Comedy Central TV special, comedian D. L. Hughley lobbies the EPA to have Black African-American males declared an endangered species. Although DL Hughley’s “The Endangered List” reduces the severe possibility of the Black man’s impeding extinction to a comedy skit, this is a very serious and weighty matter. The problem with attempting to bring attention to substantial issues using comedy is that the issue will be taken as a joke, fall upon deaf ears and blown off nonchalantly as a fictitious story made up just for kicks. As such, those at the crux of the joke—Black America in totality—will also be taken as a joke. DL’s approach is reminiscent of White America’s belief that Black people are light-hearted fools who are happy with the way things are.

There are many contributing factors which lend to the very real possibility of Black American males becoming extinct. Some of the primary factors include black on black crime that ends all too often in tremendous amounts of bloodshed and death or life-long prison sentences; as well as mediocre to poor health due to unhealthy eating habits; carelessness about or a reactive (rather than a proactive) nature toward tending to one’s health; self-destructive, reckless lifestyle behaviors; and having no or limited access to medical care. Other situations that will effectively sponsor this sad affair include women using abortions as a form of birth control—which further leads to increased reproductive and mental issues; rampant drug abuse throughout the entire race; and same sex marriages. All of these issues are bound to have an adverse effect on population growth.

Speaking of population, grippingly, the United States holds less than five percent of the world’s population, but it possesses almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. Interestingly, America is supposed to be the most civilized and organized country in the world, operating under the premise of the so-called justice system, yet America’s prison population is the largest in the world.

A number of statistics are available breaking down the make up of the prison population, and a few particularly stand out: The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005. According to the 2010 census and Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), blacks comprised 13.6% of the US population, yet accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. Statistics further dictate that one in every 15 Black/African-American men are currently incarcerated, and that, at a minimum, one in every three black men can expect to go to prison at some point in their lifetime. As for other races, only one in every 106 white males are incarcerated, and one in every 36 for Hispanic males are locked up. The prison industry has become big business.

Black Men Chained

Young men of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. This is just one example of White America feeling like it has an unmoving commitment to fulfill its quota of jailing black men, and don’t be deluded about it, the prison cells will be filled by any means necessary. A report by the Department of Justice found that Blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

When considering all the emotional stress and the effects it has on the human mind and body, it’s little wonder that young black males have the shortest life span of any group in America—another factor contributing to the group’s human extinction.

Add abortions into the mix and the odds of extinction increase exponentially.Black America accounts for roughly 13 percent of the population and has 37% of the abortions.Eighty percent of Planned Parenthoods are located in minority neighborhoods, and the purpose of its existence is controversial to say the very least.Founder Margaret Sanger’s belief and acceptance of Eugenics has given her the reputation of advocating Black genocide.One thing is certain there is an extermination of black babies taking place, and Planned Parenthood is right in the midst of it all.

So, why these statistics? Why do “experts” speculate and actively pursue this type of continual demise for the Black community? How is that not only does the black man make up more than a third of the current prison population, but even greater, more negative predictions for disaster are made about him before he can even set foot to make a mistake? And if current trends continue the way they have been going, why is it that in the face of this type of report and revolting expectation, Black America continues to lead ill-fated, self-deprecating lives?

First off, causes leading up to the Black man’s ill-fated situation does not strictly hinge on issues of poverty, unemployment, and drug abuse, etc. all of which are prevailing concerns in the black community. Rather, these factors are symptoms, not the cause; but these symptoms have heavily contributed to the state of Black America and Black men. Even further, though, Black America continues to lean on the systemic crutch as an excuse for allowing these symptoms to uncontrollably plague the community, which too, must be addressed.

Blacks are in their current position because they have been socially engineered into their dilemma. Most Black/African-Americans have been systematically locked into a NO-WIN situation.Black people, collectively, DO NOT own a significant amount of anything to be able to control their own lives. Whites in America control almost 100% of the income, wealth, power, resources, businesses, privileges and all levels of government. In knowing this, it seems strongly impossible to compete against such overwhelming odds.

Since 1860, inherited wealth has been locked into the white culture. This means that all the wealth and power in this country for the past 400 years has been systematically piloted into the hands of the majority white society, and, thus, blacks come into the world with 0 per cent wealth.To add insult to injury, mentally-crippled black folks, who account for the majority of the black community, use their poverty or victim card as a free pass to ignorance. They are content with proudly walking around poking out their chest, boasting how they OWN the n-word (n**ga/n**ger), claiming this as their wealth. Such imbecility makes one want to throw up.

Rather than Black America continuing to fall like marching soldiers over a cliff head first into the lifestyles that have been handed them by a system meant to destroy the race, Black America—especially the Black men who are supposed to be the leaders of the community, must come to their senses and find methodical and strategic ways to circumnavigate this detrimental landscape. It is up to Black America to lasso the chaos as much as possible to make sure Black America sups its full portion of life’s glories even though the cards were never dealt with black people in favor.

In many ways, the Black male is thriving (socially and economically) as he never has before, but he faces, at the same time, an assortment of conditions. These conditions, experts say, indicate that the species “is definitely threatened” and possibly endangered. This threat of extinction is real, and, yes, Black America to some extent responsible for its own demise.

Black/African-Americans are the only group on earth who do not think in terms of GROUP survival, although at one time we did.But now, totally consumed by individual successes and “getting my own”, Black America has allowed itself to be blinded by the entrapment of integration which has obliterated all instincts for group survival.

Black America must decide that extinction will not be a truth, move from living in captivity—mentally and physically in jails and prisons, and turn attention and real effort to fixing the root causes rather than wallowing in the symptoms. Black Americans are the only ones who can solidly work toward re-establishing itself as a pure and unified race who refuses to be wiped away from God’s green earth by self, man or any other man-made force. A good place to start is the pursuit of self-respect and respecting each other, referring to one another as n**ga/n**ger is not a sign of respect but that of self-hatred, contempt and acceptance of a diminished image; no matter how use of the term is rationalized laying claim to it in ANY manner is self-defeating.

H. Lewis Smith H. Lewis Smith is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. (, and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word”. Follow him on Twitter:

Think Like A Man

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Do you seek relationship advice? “Think Like A Man,” in theaters April 20th, dons a plethora of complex characters that match their brains and wit with stellar advice, based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book to navigate relationships. Top black actors- Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence J. and Gabrielle Union take to the silver screen on April 20th, bringing the novel to life.

Advice…a necessary evil. Traditionally men are known for avoiding advice, especially when they need it. Gain the advantage by seeking out mentors and friends that can act as solid soundboards. Why not? Women do it everyday, especially when it comes to relationships. “Think Like A Man” is a classic example- in theaters April 20th.

Family to help your everyday life challenges? Check! Mentors that help you navigate the workforce? Check! Who helps you with relationships? Some try to manage on their own, others ask friends, but have you ever turned to a book for guidance? A classic example is in the new movie, “Think Like A Man,” hitting theaters on April 20th.

About the Movie

Based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, “Think Like A Man,” follows four interconnected and diverse men whose love lives are shaken up after the ladies they are pursuing buy Harvey’s book and start taking his advice to heart.  When the band of brothers realize they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire using the book’s insider information to turn the tables and teach the women a lesson of their own.  The movie is directed by Tim Story and written by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman.

The movie is in theaters this Friday, April 20thClick here to visit the official “Think Like a Man,” web site.

Comedy Central featuring “Kevin Hart, JB Smoove and Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus

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January 2012 is Stand-Up Month on COMEDY CENTRAL and the month of laughs kicks off with the launch of a brand-new CC Stand-Up Facebook App, which will provide fans with the opportunity to program the channel’s Friday night stand-up block. With the new Facebook App, COMEDY CENTRAL is putting the schedule into the hands of its viewers with fans able to watch playlists comprised of select comedians who are being followed and liked by that weekend’s featured stand-up premiere comic. By “Liking” them on Facebook and/or “Following” them on Twitter, viewers will be casting their vote for the Friday night line-up with the top choices airing that night beginning at 9:00 p.m. On Friday January 20, the comedians selected from Smoove’s playlist will be showcased.

“Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain” (World Television Premiere)
Sunday, January 15 at 9:00 p.m.
ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! In this World Television Premiere of his hit feature film, Kevin Hart takes viewers on a hysterical journey through his life. Whether it’s explaining how his bank account is set up or teaching fans his safe word (pineapples), Hart knows that no matter what’s going on in life, you just have to laugh. Never before seen on television, “Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain” airs on Sunday, January 15 at 9:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.

Other comedy premiers in January include:

“JB Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It” (World Premiere)
Saturday, January 21 at 10:00 p.m.
JB Smoove is showing viewers how he dooz it with the premiere of his first-ever one-hour COMEDY CENTRAL Original Stand-Up Special. In “JB Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It” a stage, a microphone and stool are used like never before, as the highly expressive Smoove gives fans a glimpse into his ridiculously creative mind. Random thoughts and everyday observations are transformed into hilarity when seen through the eyes of Smoove. From police chases to flip flops to King Kong find out just how he dooz. “JB Smoove: That’s How I Dooz It” premieres on Saturday, January 21 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.

“Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus” (Premiere)
Thursday, January 26 at 10:00 p.m.
JB Smoove brings the Ruckus to the stage as he reunites with Russell Simmons to host “Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus.” Executive produced by Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan, the series showcases stand-up sets from Smoove and a roster of some of the best comics working today. Each episode will feature the ever-talented Smoove and new material from a mix of rising stars and long time favorite comedians with beats from DJ Cassidy. And as a new added bonus, viewers will also see Smoove giving his fans what they love most – performing in filmed sketches woven into each episode. The series begins with a two-episode premiere on Thursday, January 26 at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., followed by new episodes every Thursday night at 10:00 p.m.

The Bridge: The Stupid Top Ten

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By Darryl James

Man, freedom of speech is wasted on many Americans who speak freely, but say some of the stupidest things. Sometimes, when I repeat some of the stupid things I have heard from people, my intelligent friends think I am making them up…until they hear someone say something similar.

Some Americans are so stupid that they make statements that aren’t even probable, let alone possible. Yet, they make them with conviction and defend the stupidity with righteous indignation.

In another Top Ten list, here are ten of the stupidest things I have heard recently:

The Stupid Top Ten

Black women claiming interracial love as a “revolution.”

A revolution would be for Black men and Black women to deal with the propaganda that has been said about each of us and resolve our issues, so that we can stop hating each other. This statement is stupid, but particularly so, when the same people who claim this as a revolution and recommend it for others, whine and moan about Black men who date outside of the revolution.  Jumping the fence is weak and stupid. Oh, and it also fails to provide any real results since the marriage rate of Black women hasn’t risen.

People who think that helping an American citizen with public funds is wrong, but staunchly support benefits for illegal immigrants and failing corporations.

American citizens pay taxes so that they can receive services from the government. Illegal immigrants may be escaping inhuman conditions in their own country, but they are breaking the law to be here. If the nation can provide benefits for them, there should be no opposition to providing benefits for American citizens.

People who think that “supporting” your business efforts means getting something free.

To be clear, it does nothing or an entrepreneur when you ask for something free. And it makes your stupidity evident when you become angry that they won’t accommodate you. Supporting a business means making a financial transaction or spreading a good word to get others to make financial transactions. Businesses exist to make money. That’s why they call it money.

People with tattoos on their necks and faces who wonder why it’s hard to find a job.

It may be popular for people who don’t have jobs like celebrities to look like idiots with permanent face paint, but it’s destructive for you to make the same bonehead move. It’s not racist or even wrong for someone to want normal human beings who look decent to be employed and if you want to work there, you need to look decent as well.

Men who wear women’s jeans or other clothing items who claim not to be gender challenged.

Kanye West and Justin Beiber may be popular, but men wearing women’s jeans and sweaters isn’t, unless you are in a transition or making a statement with your sexuality. And don’t bring Prince into this, because he really did make a statement at the start of his career.

Americans of any race who think that it’s justified to execute Troy Davis, while he maintains his innocence, but simply jail Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz after murdering one child and severely beating another.

They may have been following the psychotic ranting in the book “To Train Up A Child,” but they are evil and should be executed. The bastard Kevin got 22 years and the bitch Elizabeth, got 12 years.

People from other communities demanding that Black people support their cause.

I don’t see gays or Hispanics lining up to fight for the rights of African Americans, so I really need both of those communities to stop pressing my community to support their issues as though we owe them something. Some of us will be down for you, but those of us who are not owe you nothing!

Black people pretending to know what ALL Black people are doing based on a few goofy celebrities.

Okay, Rapper X and Basketball Player Y are both Black men with white wives. What does that have to do with the average Black man? Nothing. Unless you are stupid.

People thinking that sites like Wikipedia constitutes “research.”

I love it when someone is making a stupid argument on the Internet and then cites Wikipedia as “evidence” of what they are saying. Umm…get a library card, idiot!

10  Black people claiming that President Obama is a failure to Black people.

As a president, any citizen can claim that he or any other president has failed the nation. But to pretend that he was supposed to put on a cape and become Super-Negro and save only Blacks was just stupid. He’s been so hemmed up by thuggish Republicans and abandoned by weak-kneed Democrats that it’s a wonder he’s been able to accomplish anything.

These are the stupid top ten for this week and I reserve the right to add to it at any time. You can reserve the right to add to it, even if that addition is yourself.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles this Spring and will be running throughout 2011. View previous installments of this column at Reach James at

Broadway Theaters Educate Starts The Season with “Sister Act”

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Broadway Theaters Educate (BTE) in partnership with Group Sales Box Office, was originally established to keep the arts and cultural events alive by taking first time theater goers, African-American youth, senior citizens and veterans of the theater from the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas to Broadway.  Due to overwhelming success, we are now taking groups from Philadelphia and Delaware to Broadway to capture the BTE experience.

Come join us and see “Sister Act” on Broadway, produced by Whoopi Goldberg.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Broadway production of “Sister Act” on Broadway and see some of the changes made for this Broadway production.  “Sister Act,” is a funny and musically enchanting play that is appropriate for all age groups.  Check out the video below to learn more.

Experience live theater with us! 

Click here to see our schedule and learn more about Broadway Theaters Educate (BTE).  Or visit our official web site at


“Sister Act” Review

By Gary A. Johnson

You probably know the story.  For those of you who are not familiar with Sister Act, here’s the story.

When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she is put in protective custody in one place the cops are sure she won’t be a found: a convent! Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with the with both the rigid lifestyle and uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique disco moves and singing talent to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community but in doing so, blows her cover. Soon, the gang is giving chase only to find them up against Deloris and the power of her newly found sisterhood.

I went to the premiere of the preview of “Sister Act” on Broadway. I did not think I would like the show. Boy was I wrong. This is a GREAT show that will run for years. The cast was great and the music had me toe-tapping throughout the entire play.

Before the play, we had dinner at B. Smith’s of New York and had the opportunity to meet the fabulous B. Smith herself.

See you at the theater!

Black Relationships — An Animated View

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These avatars, courtesy of “xtranormal,” can talk and bring out points for discussion about relationships without the emotions that are often attached to the human dialogue.  Alternative methods to generate “critical conversations” should not be frowned upon, they should be welcomed.

Lookin’ Like A Fool Wit Yo Pants On The Ground!

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General Larry Platt is my newest countercultural hero. By “countercultural” I don’t mean promoting street piracy and ignorance. The counterculture his song “Pants On The Ground ” advocates is dignity not disrespect  Self-respect is in painfully short supply for such an ” enlightened ” age. General Platt is an agile activist and senior citizen providing inspirational creative community policing. He’s singlehandedly launched the most successful frontal assault on this foul fad to date.

Another countercultural crusader, Hip Hop Government, has a Stop Sagging billboard campaign This welcome relief combats inner city  devolution toward new annual lows. Its crass appeal even has youth of all colors following this fad, a most unwelcome brand of integration. Reclaiming the culture reclaims communities written off as hopeless. Our music, fashion trends and other cultural capital are potential roadmaps out of dead end thug and ho conditioning. Being dignified isn’t being boring. Conscious Rap and Christian Hip Hop prove good beats can accompany equally good content. The airwaves and internet have become weapons of mass destruction against inner city communities. We can reprogram their content and summarily reprogram the inner city. Our conservatives, libertarians and other Right types need to enter pop culture’s free fire zone. Blogging and conferences are half the battle. Popular culture is the last stronghold on the horizon.

I’ve promoted model contests and assisted local recording artists who celebrated  some form of higher development. Modern Black life  isn’t endless real world episodes of bad videos instigating even worse headlines. An activist friend once suggested we work with rappers to put positive monologues on mix tape Cd’s. Those we want to reach have to be approached in their medium. The chitlin’ circuit of conferences reaches one segment of the community. Walking the streets; working events and collaborating with urban creatives reaches our most imperiled demographic. This is yet another type of community policing. It’s not likely to be born from federally funded studies or white papers. It’s a streets up solution instead of suites down. This audience is where few middle class folks of any color dare tread. The mean streets stay so until we bring the counterculture of dignity there.

General Larry Platt is a surprise standard bearer for this counterculture. Please note he wasn’t produced by think tanks far removed from America’s Hoodscape. Don’t get me wrong conventions and braintrusts play their role in saving the Hood. it’s just he took the cultural high ground and placed dignity center stage. Kids who never thought twice about this fad now have competing food for thought.

This stakeholder said what many sane Black folks privately lament after seeing too many young men ( and women !?! ) ” lookin’ like a fool wit’ yo’ pants on the ground! ”

God bless you brother. I proudly share your countercultural DNA.

NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT. BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. and

Comedian Michael Steele

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By Gary A. Johnson

May 19, 2009

Comedian Michael Steele gave a much anticipated speech today at the National Harbor Complex in Oxon Hill, MD, where he tried to steady the sinking ship also known as his “leadership” of the Republican National Committee (RNC). If you’ve followed this man’s career, it is hard to take him seriously.  This is why I refer to him as comedian Michael Steele.

In his one-man show in the form of a speech today, comedian Steele promised the that “the era of apology for Republican mistakes of the past is officially over,” declared that “we’re going to take the president head-on” and boasted that the Republican comeback is already under way.

Oh really?

Steele is shaking in his boots that he doesn’t upset another entertainer—Rush Limbaugh, because that will mean Steele would have to apologize to Limbaugh (again).

Absent from the comedian’s remarks were new ideas.  He said nothing new and nothing of substance.  This dude is really obsessed with President Barack Obama.  I don’t know what the President ever said or did to him, but comedian Steele never misses an opportunity to try and “diss” President Obama.  Comedian Steele repeatedly argued that President Obama was making our lives worse by increasing federal spending.  He never mentioned any Republican plan to help families and small businesses.

I bet leaders in the Republican Party are sorry they ever elected this dude as the front man for their party.

Why do I say this?

For starters he appears to be in over his head.  He doesn’t know where he stands on an issue and some of his positions are not consistent with the party line.  I don’t care what HE says, comedian Michael Steele appears very much to be a figurehead for the organization and he knows it.  What is beginning to bother him is that WE know it!

Comedian Steele addressing reports that the RNC is seeking to reduce his funding authority told FOX News that part of his job is to “manage the money” and suggested that if committee members strip him of that authority he’ll step aside.  Think about it.  The RNC elects a black chairman to run the party and now they’re looking to implement ways to restrict his ability to manage the money.  Yeah, that’s a vote of confidence.

The Republican Party is treating comedian Michael Steele like a baby wearing “Pull Ups.” They just don’t think he’s ready for “big boy” pants.  Real power in politics comes with MONEY! If you can’t control the money, you have no power.  The Republican Party is sending the comedian Michael Steele a “warning shot” in the form of a message by threatening to mess with his money.

“They can contemplate all they want to, but the reality is if they want a figurehead chairman you can have a figurehead chairman, but it won’t be Michael Steele,” the comedian said.

If ever there was an “empty suit” it is comedian Michael Steele.  His party lost the presidency and control of Congress in the last two major national elections and national polls show more Americans are moving away from the Republican Party.

Under Steele’s leadership the big debate on the agenda today is whether to refer to the Democratic Party as “socialist.”  Is this leadership?

And you wanted to know why I refer to this guy as a comedian.  He’s funny and not to be taken seriously—that’s why.

Gary Johnson is the Founder & Publisher of Black Men In a popular online magazine on the Internet and the Black Men In Blog. Gary is also the author of the new book “25 Things That Really Matter In Life.”

The Royals of Comedy (Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye)

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By Lawrence “eL-Train” Evans

The district will experience comedic royalty this Friday, September 19th, 2008. Who’s coming you ask? Steve Harvey? D.L. Hughley? Cedric the Entertainer? No…none of the aforementioned, self-proclaimed kings of comedy will be in town. Constitution Hall will be the hosting stage for the ground breaking Dick Gregory, influential Paul Mooney and the witty Franklyn Ajaye. Some may be well aware of who they are while others may not be familiar.

Often referred to as comics of an older generation, many of the younger groups may find themselves at a loss for describing who these gentlemen are. These are comedians who others revere (including Queens and Kings of Comedy). It is upon their backs that the Mo Niques, Damon Wayans’, Sommores, Steve Harveys and Richard Pryors stand. (Did he just say Richard Pryor? YES!) From crossing over, selflessly being a humanitarian or being a principal writer for some of the funniest moments in media history, they have all forded their own individual path and will tell a story (or more) Friday, September 19th.

I had a chance to sit down with two of the three comedians, the legendary Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Dick Gregory and Franklin Ajaye.

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