Chris Jennings (Harvard, B.A., Biology 1976/77) is a medical writer.  Chris Jennings has written and published two prior  HIV/AIDS books adopted as educational texts by world-renowned hospitals; federal, state, and municipal health agencies; and nursing schools, public health schools, and universities.

In addition to conducting investigative research of the scientific and medical literature, Chris Jennings provides writing services to the pharmaceutical, medical, and diagnostic industries. He has written HIV assay (antibody test) specification sheets, articles about the juxtaposition of the HIV assay in the diagnosis and clinical management of HIV infection, articles about diagnostic assay architecture, and clinical trial reports for submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on several antiretroviral drugs and drugs versus AIDS-related opportunistic infections.

Chris Jennings is also a Massachusetts-certified Teacher of Biology for Secondary Schools, and taught Earth Science and Biology in the Boston Public Schools, and was former Junior Foil and Epee Champion of the United States, and a member of the U.S. Fencing Teams for the Under-20 World Championships in Madrid, the Under-20 World Championships in Buenos Aires, and the World University Games in Moscow.

Photo by David Nassim Berlin 2011

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