Solero Bros.

Solero (Spanish)

Solero… is the last name that two brothers, Jean and Jonathan, share. For the Bayamón, Puerto Rico natives the love of music has been the common denominator throughout their lives and now they are ready to share that love with the world.

In 2007 Jean and Jonathan, together with friends, formed a Christian R&B/Hip Hop grouped called Reflections. The group recorded a number of original songs, performed at local venues and competitions and even produced an album titled “Decisiones.” But it was always their dream to perform as an R&B duo and Reflections opened the door for them to do just that.

In 2008 Jean and Jonathan took their dream to another level when they did background vocals for the Latin and Standard Grammy Award winning Merengue group, Grupo Manía’s, album “15 años de Corazón.” The brothers also lent their vocal talents on Latin Grammy Award nominee and salsa singer Michael Stuart’s single “Camina, Corre o Vuela.”

Reflections eventually broke up and Jean and Jonathan were determined to achieve their dream of forming their own R&B duo…. and Solero was officially born.

They initially recorded numerous covers on their You Tube channel and created quite a buzz in the Latin music community with their Spanish cover of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” which made it onto the top 10 playlist of popular Latin internet radio station for 7 weeks. However, it was their amazing Spanish cover of Charlie Wilson’s Grammy nominated hit ”You Are” that caught the attention of P Music Group’s President and CEO, Michael Paran. “To see these two young Latin men that not only had star looks but were singing and carrying the vocals of “You Are” consistent with my client, Charlie Wilson, I knew I had to sign them. They were like a Mark Anthony meets K-Ci and JoJo. I was blown away so I had my head of A&R, Marlon McClain, get in touch with them and its all history from there” says Paran.

Now signed to P Music Group, Solero recently flew to Los Angeles to meet and work with one of their greatest influences, R&B legend and Grammy nominee, Charlie Wilson. “Being signed to P Music Group was a dream come true but being able to meet the legendary Charlie Wilson and record with him was absolutely incredible. We went from singing his songs on You Tube to meeting him in person, it was unreal” says Solero.

Solero’s style is an innovative mixture of traditional R&B and Pop which includes soulful ballads and mid-tempo songs which showcase their strong vocal abilities, in both English and Spanish. “We are excited and prepared to go into the studio and deliver a great debut CD,” stated the brothers.


juan-de-marcos-gonzalez Afro-Cuban-all-stars

Juan De Marcos Gonzalez is a Cuban bandleader, the architect of the legendary Afro-Cuban All Stars, (the foundation for The Buena Vista Social Club) and the founder of another successful Cuban band, Sierra Maestra. To Juan de Marcos, music is religious medicine.  Finding spiritual solace playing the sacred rhythms of his ancestors; Juan De Marcos’ compositions often evoke healing memories in his audiences.

As a child in a musical household Juan de Marcos was trained at the feet of the Maestros.  From his father, Marcos Gonzalez; a singer for Arsenio Rodriguez’s Orchestra; to his Tio (Uncle), famed pianist of the Buena Vista Social Club; Ruben Gonzalez, Juan’s mission is the preservation of his rich musical inheritance.  He arranged, conducted, and produced The Buena Vista Social Club recordings to fulfill a dream; creating musical tributes that cured like a fountain of youth for those Cuban musicians whose era was thought long gone. Gonzalez became a bridge builder connecting the past and the future, the elders with the youth.

Juan De Marcos’ melodic story authenticates the blessing of his African ancestors.  Gonzalez has a special formula for each and every performance.   There is always a tremendous “fiesta” happening on stage, with an “All Star” cast of Cuba’s finest musicians to include his daughters and wife; culminating in an unforgettable show reminiscent of a night in La Habana of today, tomorrow and yester year.


2013 US Tour Includes New Album Release!

Washington, DC December 1, 2012- Cuban heat is coming to 25 American cities this winter when Juan de Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars tour the US.  From Saturday, February 2nd in Anchorage, Alaska to Sunday March 24th, in Washington, DC; the Afro-Cuban All Stars make stops from west to east with extended performances in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City.  See a complete tour schedule below.

The Afro-Cuban All Stars Orchestra is a creation of acclaimed Cuban producer, Juan de Marcos Gonzalez.  Deemed the “Quincy Jones” of Cuba, he built his orchestra using Cuba’s best musicians & vocalists.

Juan de Marcos is available for interviews via phone from December 5, 2012 to January 25, 2013 and in person during the tour in select locations.  Please contact Miriam Machado-Jones at 301-379-4935, Elva Mason at 434-825-5142, or Vernon Keith Jones 404-312-4188 to schedule an interview.

Click Here To See The 2013 Tour Schedule

Contact Information

Elva Mason 434.825.5142

Mimi Machado-Jones 301.379.4935 

V. Keith Jones 404.312.4188

For More Info & to listen go to 


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