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By Mike Ramey

Citing the need for both biblical and spiritual solutions for a host of problems which have surfaced in the Black community, the first annual national conference of the Trusted Partners in Christ, Inc. wrapped up its inaugural run in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“It is already half-passed late,” said Dr. Henry J. Lyons, national president, to a gathering of church members and pastors from some fifteen states. “Every believer needs to wake up and gear up for war. Some will say it is time we stopped fighting. And these people are right! It is time we stopped fighting–each other.” Lyons, pastor of the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa, Florida, brought the conference to the Midwest in mid-August of this year after prayerfully planning for the national launch of the organization for nearly a decade. Lyons, former president of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. is back in the national spotlight once again, bringing forth a coalition of churches and Christians to not only develop local training programs to help various communities through the church, but to train pastors and members to better recognize the biblical mandate in solving problems through the power of Jesus Christ. “The gospel is just as relevant as today’s newspaper. Psychology has a place. Politics has a place. Organization has a place. But Satan has outgunned us in every one of these areas. And, if you try to build your church with those things, your (churches) are going to fail.” Lyons said.

National Trusted Partners For Christ held a variety of workshops and training sessions where churches could learn about new technology, and use it along with some old-fashioned common sense in reaching people for Jesus Christ. Also, programs were being aimed at youth and the pulpit, including raising up and training the next generation of preachers. The event ran during the week of August 15th at the Indianapolis Hilton in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

The first portion of Lyons’ remarks during the final evening of the event took on the tone of inspired leadership, readying the troops for battle and conflict. “This 21st century up to this point has proven to be a mean-spirited, cruel generation with a mind to destroy all minorities…and ESPECIALLY Blacks. With all that in mind it is our determination to meet every challenge with the love of God.”

Lyons pointed out to the assembled multitude–some coming from as far away as Arkansas–that Satan has been attacking Black families, and our communities with unrelenting force. Marriage is under an onslaught. Children and education are under attack. Even President Barack Obama is not immune from social and political attack.

“We must get our people ready for the next election in 2012.” Lyons said. “Lead on (Mr. President), for no group, no party, no force can destroy what God has ordained.”

Following his inaugural leadership remarks, Lyons lifted up his Bible, and brought the Scriptures into play, further highlighting the scope and reach of the NTPFC. As a Baptist preacher, Lyons knows that the Bible is the key in the solutions that much be used to reach our communities. It boils down to individuals and churches being trained to not only recognize problems, but to have solutions at the ready.

The conference was well received by many who attended. Plans are already underway to spread the influence of the organization into other portions of the country, as well as expanding the types of workshops and trainings available–some of them to be offered via the Internet. The NTPFC is already looking forward to coming back to Indianapolis for the next annual event.

For next year, one such subject that will likely be explored: How urban churches can get an upper hand against the spread of gangs in their respective areas. Programs on this issue are being explored and resarched.

Lyons is also the president of the General Baptist State Convention of Florida. He has had a few widely publicized ups and downs over the last 15 years. Those negative events appear to be firmly behind him. In his own words, Lyons has reconciled with whom he has been blessed to reconcile, and apologized with whom he has been able to apologize. In the end, he may have enemies, but forgiveness will have to overcome bitter feelings over past wrongs, real or imagined.

“When you were born again, you were born to fight in a battle. And not only fight. When you were born again, you were born to win! That is more than just rhetoric. It is Truth! And, it’s high time we stop singing “Hold the Fort,” and began singing “Onward Christian Soldiers!” God IS calling Trusted Partners to victory.” Lyons said.

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RAMEY, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. His writings appears on fine websites and gracious blogs around the world. To correspond, email © 2011 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications.


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