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Battling BET: Knuckle Up T. J. Holmes and Join The Rest of Us

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By Gary A. Johnson

Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a mess.  I’ve been saying it for years.  Once a network with promise, is simply a network that lost it’s way.  No GPS can seem to get this network back on the map of relevance.  I’m telling you, BET should stand for Blacks Embarrassing Themselves.  Dr. Boyce Watkins, and our friends at Your Black World have a “must read” article on BET and their talk show host T. J. Holmes.

Check out this article by Dr. Boyce and the T. J. Holmes interview.  Am I the only one who is bothered by this network?

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BET’s President Explains Why She Doesn’t Offer More Positive Programming

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By Gary A. Johnson

Over the years when people ask me about my opinion of the programming on Black Entertainment Television (BET) my response has been something along the following lines:  “BET’s programming is so dreadful and intellectually insulting that I haven’t watched anything on the network in years.  I suggest they change the name to “Blacks Embarrassing Themselves (BET).”

Dr. Boyce Watkins has written a “must read” article on this topic.  Click here to read that article.

Michael Vick To Get A Reality Show

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Michael Vick

By Gary A. Johnson

Michael Vick committed a crime and did his time.  He deserves the right to work and earn a living which he is doing by way of his employment with the Philadelphia Eagles football team.  Good for him.

Now comes the news that Vick and BET also known in some circles as (Blacks Embarrassing Themselves) have partnered on the production of an eight-part documentary style reality show to be aired on the BET network early next year.

Only on BET.

Ever the optimist, I am all for Michael Vick being able to work and earn a living, but I wonder about this move.  Is it too much too soon?

If produced the right way, the show could chronicle how Vick made a series of terrible decisions that negatively impacted his life.  The show could further illustrate how one man who seemingly had it all and was on top of the world as the highest paid player in his sport crashed to his lowest point.  He lost his money, he lost his fame, he tarnished his name and brought shame to his family.

There could be a series of sobering “teachable moments” that can help other people.  The documentary could help Vick rehabilitate his image and perhaps portray him as a caring father and son and not the cold blooded dog killer that led to him serving time in a federal prison.  It really could be all of these things and more.

My concern is less with Vick and more with BET.  Name the last project or television show on BET that you thought was a quality piece of work?  You know, a show that you could be proud of in the vein of “must see TV.”  You don’t typically hear “masterpiece” and BET in the same sentence.

The show is tentatively titled The Michael Vick Project will follow and document Vick in several areas of his life including his release from prison to the Philadelphia Eagles and will show him as he rebuilds his relationships with his fiancé and children.

The show will also reportedly show Vick returning to the federal prison where he served 18 months and the Virginia property on which he ran the dog fighting operation.  Vick’s company is reportedly co-producing the show.

Again, I wonder if this is too much too soon.  There is the potential to have something good come from chronicling Vick’s mistakes, if produced properly.

Everyone deserves a second chance and Michael Vick is trying to make the most of his.

Should Michael Vick concentrate on football?  Should he cash in on every available and reasonable opportunity that be believes is in his best interest?  How much faith do you have in BET to produce this project?

What do you think?

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