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Study: By Kindergarten 1 in 4 Black Boys Believes He Will Fail in School

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The statistics as they relate to black boys aren’t yet on par with excellence, but what seems most troubling now isn’t the circumstance which impact black boys, but what these boys believe about themselves.

A new report says, due to poverty and childhood trauma,  by kindergarten, 1 in 4 black boys believes he will fail in school. This sets the stage for a self-fulfilling prophecy, which includes high drop out rates and low test scores, according to a California  Assembly inquiry on the status of boys and men of color

The study also found that boys are increasingly adding to the economic budget crisis in California. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the conclusions were reached based on several community hearings, expert testimony and the input of hundreds of other stakeholders over 18 months.

The final report, set to be issued this week, will include a series of recommendations on how to address these issues.

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Black News Agency Wire

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Black News Agency Wire Launches as the Largest African American News Aggregator on the Internet

As a veteran columnist and writer, attorney A. Renée West, President of IEBB Media recently announced the launch of Black News Agency Wire, ( the largest African American news aggregator on the web.  More than the average news site, presents under one banner, the voices, thoughts and perspectives of hundreds of African American newspapers, editors, columnists, pundits, writers, bloggers and commentators.

“Politics, business, sports, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, reviews, hip hop, and more, Black News Agency Wire is unlike anything else on the web for Black folks at this time,” explains West.  “As an aggregator, we don’t compete with the other sites, we drive traffic to them.  At you quickly find and source all your news, mainstream and African American, in one compact location; then click and read at the originator’s location.  Imagine waking up every morning to the USA Today, New York Times, or Wall Street Journal, and it’s expanded to include YOUR Black news, in a depth Google, Yahoo and Topix don’t, under one concise banner!”

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