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How Many African Americans Participate In Outdoors Activities?

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By Candice Price

One very perplexing question today would be how many black people actually engage in some sort of outdoor activity.  These outdoor sports would include hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, etc. The question is very pertinent because of the millions of dollars that is used to purchase these expenditures that go along with theses sports that are not being talked about it. Everyday reports go out about what is being spent and by whom, but when it comes to black people and outdoors nobody says a word because after all the prevailing thought is that black folks don’t do the outdoors thing.

So today we would like to ask the question just how many people do you know does or have done some sort of activity in outdoors? Just think about it for a second. Did you or do you have a friend or relative that is involved in outdoors? The majority of people are going to smile and answer the question by saying; I do know somebody directly that does this. It may even bring back happy memories about this particular person. You may say things like I remember granddaddy Big Jim would bring home all that wild stuff and throw it up on the kitchen counter and Mother Dear would sometimes holler a little but we would end up having a good hot meal. Or it could be Uncle Buddy stays out on that water all day. You might even talk about your crazy cousin that has that real good job and he has that big old RV that he sleeps in, in front of his perfectly good house. The bottom line is that most of us know somebody who does the outdoors or belongs to a group that engages in some form it.

We really want to know who is out there because it is important to represent. We believe that the numbers are in the millions and we also believe we are spending multimillions of dollars in this arena. If we can find out and substantiate our true numbers, this can help us create new jobs in an industry that says we don’t exist.  The market will eventually have to respond to the realities. Outdoors world is a very important component to our everyday life because it deals underneath the surface with all of our Natural Resources, meaning the land, the water that we drink and the air that we breathe. All the basics to our very survival, so the outdoor sports are on the outer realm but underneath is our life source so becoming engaged is essential for all of our future.

So the question is,”Do you know someone who engages or has engaged in the outdoor sports?” Let us know by email at or Facebook Urban American Outdoors. We are very interested in the outcome and we will keep you abreast of our findings, we are quite sure that the numbers will be huge.

Candice Price is the Executive Producer “Urban American Outdoors” located at, the first multicultural reality sports adventures show.  Over the past several years under the tutelage of Wayne Hubbard, Candice is becoming an authentic urban outdoors woman, who now has knowledge and lives the urban outdoors lifestyle.

UAO Winner of the 2009 MIDI Award for Community Programming Series

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Wayne Hubbard

Mid American Cable Telecommunications Association (MCTA) honors Urban American Outdoors (UAO) as the winner of the 2009 MIDI Award for Community Programming Series, for their presentation of “Buffalo Soldier Tribute.” UAO will receive the coveted First place awarded for excellence in programming at the annual meeting September 23, 2009 in Metropolitan Kansas City.UAO’s winning show “Buffalo Soldier Tribute” honored the many contributions African American “Buffalo” Soldiers made while in the US army. Wayne Hubbard host and producer (pictured above) stated, “It is always great to be recognized for the work we do but it is even more special to have been able to tell such a great historical story about brave people who defended our nation and have direct ties to Ft Leavenworth.”
Kansas City based Urban American Outdoors (UAO) produced by Urban American Productions is a television program created by businessman Wayne Hubbard and Candice Price. Aired weekly on Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports, UAO is a reality sports adventure depicting the outdoor sporting lifestyle from an African American perspective. Urban American Outdoors also enjoys both a national and international audience since its 2008 debut in Europe. The show has mass crossover appeal reaching the traditional outdoors market and the under served communities. The award winning show not only shares the enjoyment of being outdoors, it also educates and entertains.
For more information call 913-334-5177 or e-mail UAO at  You can also visit their web site at

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