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Could Covert Tactics Impact Social and Economic Disparities?

Posted in Black Interests with tags , on November 14, 2013 by Gary Johnson

Thomas Duffy

By T. Duffy

First I must say, this information isn’t to single out any group, although being black I’ve seen how it’s become an ongoing certainty for many against us.

But I’ll begin by saying I believe any endeavor that was used to structure this country, besides subjugating the Native American the original inhabitants, was always a process of greed facing probability. First and foremost, because of uncontrollable actions of overzealous increasing immigrants, adding the irresolute viewpoints and mindset that later divided people into regions, fueling numerous clashes, stirring animosity towards an eventual civil war. I may have said a lot here, but I will show few ever learn from history.

Much later something occurred that was significant for that period that also affected all people. In 1930 President Herbert Hoover announced to the country during the great depression, the worst had passed, so the economy would improve. But he was wrong because it lasted until 1939, the beginning of World War II. So we see someone leading the country during a very bad situation, to another that was surely uncertain. When unverified perceptions have no consideration for the seriousness or consequences upon others, the results can be catastrophic.

The same exists today because of a few and it should be as frightening, and it’s almost socially suicidal, because people listen, follow, as they immediately begin to take sides as well. Technology should say people are somewhat smarter than those of the past, but their ignorance is seen in how they avoid understanding those yearning for power has only one allegiance, that’s to those  already in the position to exert some power. Meantime the depth of its passion, I believe is because of where and why. The [where] is primarily from red states, the [why] is more likely because of fear. Fear of a changing ethnic and social landscape, where traditional ideology would no longer restrict the most notable need for diversity and progress.

My thoughts and facts: When the word came out about the likely number of people of Mexican heritage now living in the country, an alarm went off and soon afterwards followed by opinions that suggested many could be illegal. States where most lived, searched for new regulations, but meantime started to profile anyone who looked Mexican. The concern about anyone being in the country illegally is important for many reasons, but no one ever pushed to search further within the population amongst other groups, who may have a concentrated amount of people who were here illegally also. This may sound like the employee telling on those who were late for work, because he was the only one caught that morning, but fairness should be more than an idea.

Anyway the article that sparked my interest was published in The New America, which seemed to be a U.S. Census publication. I was surprised the information would be near to what I always thought existed as far as finding what group really had the most people of the general population. Of course whites as a unified group may outnumber non whites, but separately according to nationality they may not.

I didn’t expect it would imply it was providing information because of more illegal immigrants. The most critical part to me, was thinking there was less alarm or concerned with these facts, compared to details regarding Mexicans in the country. Of course I knew why, but it still didn’t support or criticize any group, so my intent is to show how the potency of one group has a probability of turning things around.

The lead in to the article was a question, “The largest ethnic group in America”? The answer was “It’s Germans”, which would probably surprise most people.

As my interest grew, it began by talking about the surge of Hispanics in the country. It emphasized more than half of the 3,143 counties in the country; contain a plurality of people who describe themselves as German Americans. I wondered if it should matter to most people. But I realized immediately, why it should, because it didn’t say there was a percentage that were poor or in need of some assistance. On the other hand, maybe it was left out because it wasn’t important at the time, but reading they were slightly older and better educated than the general population, besides 1/3 attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. I started to read it more carefully to see what other information made them so unique for someone to write this article.

Being familiar with Pennsylvania, I was surprised their ethnic belt extended from eastern Pa. to the Oregon coast, with 40 percent occupying positions of management, business, science and the arts. Reading further, it stated 85 percent live in the same place as they did in 2009, so taking a quick look at the map of the country, I discovered many lived in those red states. Considering what I was thinking at the time, it wouldn’t matter if they were called black and white states, which would give a clearer reason for what I’m thinking, but If any of this was true and it seemed to be. Politically I would first imagine the destiny of a 2 party political system which remains important, to be in jeopardy because it could end up becoming a two against one with the tea party a rising uncompromising group within those same areas. In addition what could solidify it to almost guarantee some problems, are the change of laws in southern states that have started to alter specific rights for blacks and others, such as voting.

Not allowing anxiety to take over logic, I still couldn’t put this aside. Other than blacks/ African Americans, I began to think about other non whites groups, to realize most are primarily committed to communities they recreated here, so they may have less interest in most social changes in the country if it has no affect on them. Furthermore since their communities are often traditional in content, they are satisfied to be accepted by those social networks. So it gave me a reason to believe few of these communities, believe they should be involved in the politics or social issues of the country, because it could change their way of life.

My question from here is what does this mean for blacks / African Americans who can only improve their situation by creating laws to protect them, or try to preserve those that already exist? How do they avoid being caught up in old traditional ways of this country, or those brought here from other places, if progress is what got them to where they are today?

Meantime, whites are the only peopling who’s concerned about their majority status changing, so my views about it would be almost parallel to the writer of the article. Speaking in their favor, I can assure them they may have little to worry about for a while. Regardless who would eventually become a majority, if they’re stuck in tradition or not have adequate resources or some measure of edification as the group indicated here, they won’t be able to release people out into the society who would continue devoting their lives to sustain them. Laboring can offer only minimum success, if person’s/people aren’t capable of acquiring certain substantial positions in the society that would elevate themselves and their group.

Although we had no power to change it, we were still made aware of the individuals who invested millions of dollars during the presidential campaign trying to rearrange situations in their favor. What are our safeguards against an assembly that has such self-reliance? Considering how difficult it has been for the country to stabilize so it can function, circumstances like this should be of interest to anyone, but blacks primarily because what they may have to face, could be more serious as possibly losing their voting rights. Democracy usually means something different, if you have no reason to be concerned if it’s being implemented fairly.

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