In Response To An Anonymous Comment On The Site


By Brandon Whitney

I’m writing this under the assumption that you read what I have written honestly, and while you may have bias’s as we all do, you are open minded and genuinely want to understand my mindset. I believe that to be the case, even though I was taken aback by your interpretation of my writings.

The African American community has a disproportionally large number of impoverished, murdered, and high school failure rates. Rather than ask for charity I act and encourage others to do so as well that is where the resolutions came from. It is not out of a sense of Black separatism or superiority, but rather a belief that one should fix one’s own problems to the extent that one is able. This is, keep in mind, me viewing the African American community as a culture unique to the United States rather than as just a “race” which I think cheapens the community that developed within the United States as a result of being separated by Jim Crow and slavery. Now one could argue that African Americans should aggressively assimilate so that differences between them and mainstream society evaporate, but as both the majority culture of the United States and African American culture evolved simultaneously, to automatically try and eliminate African American culture for expediency would be admitting that I thought the culture of my parents and grandparents is inferior, which I do not.

Secondly, the aggressive deregulation of our economy did not begin with Bush, but it was intensified under his administration. The current economic crisis is the result of the change in bankruptcy laws which were passed by a Republican congress and Bush. Alan Greenspan’s hand off policy towards the economy was embraced by Bush which is a part of the current crisis. Bush chose to place industry insiders over the SEC whose job it was to regulate the industry. Bush, and the Republican congress, cut funding to environmental and regulating agencies. Bush regularly passed executive orders that assisted him in deregulation. These are just a few of the problems with his approach to the economy. I won’t even bother going into Guantanamo, Iraq, and Bush’s foreign policy as it would be redundant considering how much material exists on his failings, that even his party admits to.

As for being a racist, I don’t hate White people. Most humans are good people, regardless of race. I’m as proud to be African American as an Irish-American is of his heritage, and a Italian-American is of their heritage, and I won’t apologize for that. I see problems in my community, and I see many positive aspects as well. I think the problem is that you may be seeing this as a zero-sum game, either African Americans do well or Whites do, this is not the case. The improvement of the African American community is good for all Americans regardless of race and ethnicity. If African American businesses do well, than the American economy does well. In addition, as an African American, it bothers me when the false choice between success and culture presents itself. The existence of African American culture is not a detriment to the nation, it is a benefit. The music of our nation, including country music, is rooted in the African American community. Much of the language that is used is rooted in the community as well. Many inventions and innovations originate in the African American community and we are over represented in the nation’s military. We are a net benefit to the nation, and our success is the success of America. So no, I am not racist. I am not a Black supremacist either, we aren’t better than any other group of humans. We are human however, and I won’t’ apologize for working towards greater success in the community.

Brandon Whitney is the creator of a blog that focuses on issues that affect the African American community. He is also a frequent guest on News and Notes’ Blogger Roundtable. Brandon has political experience as an Outreach Director for the Democratic party and is passionate about being a positive force in his community regarding African American issues.  He is also a frequent guest on News and Notes’ Blogger Roundtable. You can read more of Brandon’s work at Homeland Colors.

One Response to “In Response To An Anonymous Comment On The Site”

  1. I think the African American Community should stop complaining and do something for themselves and stop crying..
    The older Black males need to stop Brainwashing these younger men into thinking having that “Ghetto, Pimp, Gangster” mentality…
    The need to teach the younger guys respect for themselves and their women…
    The older men teach the young guys disrespect for their women and themselves….they go around parading and respecting women other than their own color and it is not “Cute” or a fashion statement…it is disrespect…

    Some African American Women need to be more lady like and not so bossy..some of them…they have been the head of their family and have taking on men like characters…that is because they AA man have left…them by themselves to raise the kids….after they have supported him and giving her all….this is wrong…..

    Some AA wome are teaching their Daughters to get all they can out of a man…because they been hurt and mess over…so they don’t want this to happen to their daughters……..

    It’s a mess in our community…as smart as we are and have invented most of the American inventions we are still not where we should be…..
    We can not take a place in America …and be respected if we don’t treat our own selves with dignity and respect…..if we are killing each other because of this GANGSTER mentality…etc…..
    We can not have anything if we have this mindset if someone get something or accomplish something we try to bring them down with words…..
    Get off you Butts and accomplish something yourselves, instead of Gossiping and trying to bring someone down because of his/her success….

    Also AA men…if you are going to be with someone of the other race…could you also respect you own Women…..instead of constantly trying to find faults..
    I’ve seen AA Men would find faults and even belittle an AA women because she has gain a couple of pounds…or even heavy set or even Fat…, but he would look over the these qualities of an non-AA women….and honor her and treat her with respect despite of her heaviness…and at the end if an AA man has a little bit of cash…this women will eventually take all you money and cry rape…because the Law is on her side….

    Down Low…their is nothing wrong if you are homosexual…but what is wrong is you decieved the other person or even try to cover yourself up…by marrying a women and taking her thru changes and giving her DRAMA….
    If you are on the DL…then stay away from Women……or if you are a women on the DL…stay away from Men…..or better still don’t get married to the opposite sex..
    In our community is not “Cool” for our children to be smart…in other communities it is mandatory for them to be smart…and they also encourage their children to be smart…..

    This is a new day….please stop with old habits that have been brought down from Slavery…..or keep a slave mentality

    If you read your history books…you will know that our ancestry do not begin with slavery…it begins with Kings and queens in Africa…..

    Let’s get it together…and by all means don’t expect OBAMA to fix everyones problems in a week…it took 8 years for this mess to bring this country down…….
    AA Men…Please pull you pants up and stop looking like you belong in jail with this style…you are kings and you should take your place as a leader and stop acting a fool….

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