New Study Reports Black Male Achievement In A “State of Crisis”

A new study by the Council of the Great City Schools reports that 12% of black male 4th graders nationally and 11 % of those living in large central cities performed at or above proficient levels in reading on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), compared with 38 % of white males in that grade nationwide.  The Council of the Great City Schools is a coalition of the nation’s urban school districts.

The council’s report digs into some of the factors that contribute to the lack of success this group of students shows, including higher infant mortality rates, more limited health care access, and a lower rate of participation in early-childhood education programs.

School-age black males are also more likely to be suspended, be held back a grade, and drop out of school than their white peers.

“At almost every juncture, the odds are stacked against these young men in ways that result in too much unfulfilled potential and too many fractured lives,” writes Michael Casserly, the council’s executive director.

The council’s report suggests that the underperformance of black male youths is nothing short of a national emergency, and it calls for the convening of a White House conference.

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3 Responses to “New Study Reports Black Male Achievement In A “State of Crisis””

  1. im a black male myself,obviously while everyone has problems in life,we have additional problems being who we are.teachers,schools,court systems,cops and much of authority in general are anti black male plain and simple.they say we use the race card,no weve had harder lives and theyre not willing to understand or wanting to understand the obstacles a black male of all ages face in society.schools and society need to be more culture sensitive or get black men teachers.because in reality only jesus and god along with most other black males can completely feel a black males pain,other races and genders cant,black females cant either.killing those who truly cared for black men like malcolm x,dr king,2pac are frustrating too,raised without a father,living in and exposed to poverty and violence the majority of society doesnt want to help and are usually against us than for day though these biased individuals whove given black males hell on earth will pay.

  2. oh mt what a story!

  3. It’s time to divest yourselves from constantly using the white man for being responsible for whatever situation you find yourself in. As an Afro/American mle 75 years of age, I have been through more than most, simply because I have been here longer. And, I’ve had numerous experience with white folks same as all of us. I’ve had to change directions, start over, eal with the law and lost jobs all because i”m black…..maybe but life is full of incidents to overcome. So divest yourself from the racial paranoia and do whatever it takes to man up. The succeeding generations of young black men need to blame themselves if they are not prepared. Doors are opening up if you’ve got the stuff. You know that, Just check out the TV shows, news, weather, sports, talk host and on and on. If you can’t get in some place you will have to work harder than you did in school. That’s what you should be complanning about. your lack of effort!!!!

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