Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michael Eric Dyson, Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill Sign on For New Film

By Gary A. Johnson

My friend, Janks Morton called me last week to announce that he had secured an agreement with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill and other leading black male scholars to take part in his film “Hoodwinked,” a documentary about the state of the black male in America.  This was a long time coming.  Good things come to those who wait.  I know that Janks has been working hard to (these are my words) “re-frame Black America’s reality,” when it comes to the image of black men.  I have always said that my role as Publisher of Black Men In America.com is to maintain a “truthful balance” when it comes to the image of black men in the media.  People like Janks, Dr. Boyce, Steve Perry, Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill and countless others like them, most of whom are NOT household names, makes my job easier.

Listen up America.  Janks Morton is on a mission.  He will not stop and you cannot hold him down.  Like Morton’s groundbreaking film, “What Black Men Think,” “Hoodwinked,” is designed to challenge many of the prevailing myths about black male underachievement and incarceration.  Here are some of the statistics that Morton presents as an alternative to prevailing perceptions:

There are more Black Males in College# than in Jails, Prisons, Private Corrections, Military Jails and Institutions for the Criminally Insane combined#

(1,236,443 in College/841,000 Incarcerates – regardless of age)

4 to 1: The ratio of 18-24 year old Black Males in College# vs. Jails, Prisons, Private Corrections, Military Jails and Institutions for the Criminally Insane#.

(674,000 in College/164,400 Incarcerates)

32.3% (1 in 3) Black Males ages 18-24 are enrolled in College#

(674,000 in College/2,082,000 Total)

1.37 to 1: The ratio of 18-24 year old Black Females enrolled in College to Black Males#.

(930,000 Black Females Enrolled/674,000 Black Males Enrolled)

6.3%: Black Males (age 18-55+) enroll in College at a higher rate by sex than White Males and Hispanic Males and are surpassed only by Asian Males#.

(Black Males is 6.3%, White Males is 5.8%, Hispanic Males is 4.7%, and Asian Males is 9.7%)

25.1% of Black Males (age 25 or over) have either an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Professional, or Doctoral Degree#.

(2,519,000 with Degrees/10,018,000 Total)

82.1% of Black Males (age 18 or over) have at least a High School Diploma or GED# .

(9,897,000 with HS Diploma or GED/12,044,000 Total)

12.1%: The Black Male Dropout Rate# (ages 16-24) for 2008.

(301,000 Dropouts/2,583,000 Total)#

5.1%: Percent of married Black Men who marry White Women#

(279,000 Black Husband-White Wife/5,654,000 Married Black Men)

88.8%: Percent of Black Males earning income# ages 25-64 (employment)

(7,899,000 Employed/8,893,000 Total)

$23,738: Average Income for Black Males# 15 and older

$19,470 Average Income Black Females

1,812,000 The number of Black Men making $50,000/year or more#

71.6% of Black Men pay their agreed to or Court Awarded Child Support#

(855,000 Payers/1,194,000 Recipients)

$253 Billion: Total Income earned by Black Males# (15 and over)

($262 Billion earned by Black Females)

13,104,000 Total Black Men age 15 or over#

(15,816,000 Total Black Females age 15 or over)

Janks Morton describes “Hoodwinked” will be an exploration of the most recent data being released by the US Census, DOJ, DOE, DOC and the CDC to highlight strides and achievements in the African American community. It will feature expert contributors, man on the street interviews, anchor desk headline reporting, and the return of Janks Morton and his “Board of Education” to examine further the symbiotic relationship between media, government and special interest, as they exploit imagery, statistics and data that too often presents a skewed perspective of the modern era African American experience.

Watch the video below to learn more about Janks Morton.

6 Responses to “Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michael Eric Dyson, Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill Sign on For New Film”

  1. This will be a great documentary to view!

    • So interested, now we have to expose these fact to the people that need it the most. Many men are still living so defeated from all the negative things around them. Positive facts are missing in there lives instead they are receiving negative lies.. And buying into it in abundance..

  2. allstar plumbing sacramento…

    […]Dr. Boyce Watkins, Michael Eric Dyson, Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill Sign on For New Film « Black Men In America[…]…

  3. these numbers make no sense and fly in the face of logic at times. $674K black men ages 18-24 enrolled in college and that number magically doubles when you examine college enrollment at any age? Are we to think there are 600K+ black men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s on college campuses? This makes no sense. How he is defining college enrollment is fishy, as well as his numbers for a few other figures here. I am often suspicious of raw N data as it is very hard to report accurately. I agree that part of our discussion about black men in america needs reframing, but it is absurd to ignore a 50% dropout rate and 50%+ unemployment in major cities (i LOL’d at the 88.8% “employment” rate for black men. So are we to believe the country is is double digits unemployment and magically black men are nearly 90% employed???? LOL LOL again, as a sociologist this is absurd. No way in hell DOJ released those numbers). These figures seem to think that cooking the books on black male statistics is a more feasible solution than confronting the dire issues ahead of us.

  4. I agree with SG on these numbers, I’m on a “research” mission of my own to find what’s up for myself!

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