The Bridge: Hillary’s Racism and Misandry Won’t Be Missed

By Darryl James

Now that Barack Obama is the Democratic Presidential Nominee and all the dust is starting to settle in the Democratic Party, people will be taking some deep breaths and refocusing the race.

Some people will miss the daily blow-by-blow between Hillary Clinton and Obama. Some will miss the hopefulness of Hillary’s charge to be the first female president. And, still others will miss the shock value of the extent to which Hillary was willing to go to win.

However, there are a few things that I won’t miss about the primary campaign.

I won’t miss the accusations of “hatred of all women” lodged against people who simply do not like Hillary. The accusers charged the nation with hating women vicariously through Hillary Clinton’s failure to reach the White House. It is sad and silly to take the dislike of Clinton and give it universal application.

But that has been a staple of Clinton’s campaign, which is why young, hopeful women of all colors and men who think independently rejected her.

Typically, many people dislike Hillary because she is note very likeable, not because they hate women. The “hate women” rhetoric is wrong, ignorant and silly.

I won’t miss the irrational support for a woman because she is a woman, even though she is unable to beat John McCain. And I won’t miss the backward logic of Clintonites, who are fine with such irrational support for a woman, but opposed to the same irrational support for a Black candidate.

I won’t miss the whining of women who believe that Clinton was denied the White House because women are hated. They are blind not to recognize the throngs of women who support Obama, unless they believe those women also hate women.

I won’t miss Hillary playing the gender card, even shedding crocodile tears over her alleged mistreatment. I wonder where those tears were when her husband’s cheating was played out on the world stage.

I won’t miss Clinton playing the “white woman in distress card,” with those same tears and hints of being attacked by a Black man.

Personally, I resent Clinton because her camp played the race card in addition to the gender card. I won’t miss the racist remarks from her camp, including the ones from their resident slave Bob Johnson, who dances quite well to prove to Ol’ Massah that he “ain’t lak dem udder darkies.”

They should have realized that Barack Obama is not Jesse Jackson, the clown pimp of poverty who fancied himself the eternal “Go-to” man for all things Black. Obama couldn’t be dismissed as a token candidate because he is just as qualified as Clinton. And, contrary to political rhetoric, Obama, as the Black son of a single white mother, represents more Americans than does the rich, white, privileged Hillary Clinton.

Clinging to a campaign that had been dying for months, I wonder if Hillary would have gone to such great, futile lengths to hold on if she were being trounced by a white man.

I won’t miss the duplicity of Hillary and her feminist supporters who wanted to simultaneously claim that women are hated, yet, also claim her time as the First Lady as “experience” in order to trump Obama.

I won’t miss the throngs of over the hill, angry women who were vesting hope in Hillary for all the failed hopes and dreams of their lives. The nation can not pay for dreams that were deferred and consequently, died, because some of those dreams could only come true to the detriment of men.

I’m not talking about dreams of equality for women in society, I’m talking about dreams of marriage and happiness for women who chose careers over relationships and personal goals over motherhood. Personal choices that found many of them over 40 and alone, blaming men for “an inability to commit,” or “being intimidated by strong women,” when, really these women failed to commit when they were young and began to confuse intimidation with disinterest.

The decrease in marriage is not representative of any hatred of women, but of a far more complicated cocktail of societal shifts as well as the growing fear of negative results in divorce for men.

If America hated women so much, the court system would not be so heavily tilted towards mothers in child support and custody cases, or towards wives in divorce/alimony and palimony cases.

Certainly now that Clinton has finished tarnishing the Democratic party as well as the Democratic process, many of her blind supporters may come to realize the destruction done in the name of electing the first woman president.

The only thing that would have been different in a Hillary Clinton White House is the raising of a feminist flag, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if she were really about the empowerment of all women.

Frankly, I don’t think Hillary cares about women of color, or even white women, just women of Hillary, which may or may not include Chelsea. I don’t think she cares about some woman who works at Wal-Mart in Iowa being called a bitch.

Which brings me to this point: Calling someone a bitch is not the same as calling someone a Nigger, as has been asserted by some women who attempted to paint Hillary as “oppressed.”

Personally, I am repulsed by the inane comparisons of alleged sexism to real life racism.

Sorry, feminists, but there is an historical attachment of savage violence, inhumane treatment and enslavement to racism that makes sexism in this nation pale by comparison. America has mistreated no other group as horribly, and no group should make comparisons, unless they are Black women who were mistreated mostly because of being Black.

I won’t miss the misandry demonstrated by women who supported Hillary simply because she is a woman, based on what her election portended for women, not for all Americans.

In many of their words and actions, they are actually demonstrating hatred of men.

Using their own logic, we must assume that they hate men if they assert their potential achievements as women over any potential achievements of their husbands, their sons, their brothers or their fathers.

And, when it comes to my own people, I have long since called it a grave mistake for Black women to begin asserting their status as women above their status as Black people as though sexism could somehow be separated from racism and classism.

For that position, I have been repeatedly rewarded with accusations of hating Black women, which is never accompanied by any sound reasoning or proof from the ignorant and vile feminists who make the accusations.

And how could I hate Black women when my mother raised me with love? When I have two sisters who also loved me? When I have never done anything to hold a woman back or harm a woman?

My defense is starkly divergent from the racist who claims to have Black friends. I can repel charges of sexism because I came from a Black woman, and was raised in an environment without gender issues.

I can repel those charges because I was also raised with a working brain, functioning emotions and critical thinking.

With my critical thinking and world view, I realize that Hillary Clinton and her supporters are the real haters. They hate men and many men hate them right back.

There is no doubt that some of the men who hate Hillary may also hate women. But the two groups are not mutually inclusive.

I don’t hate Hillary because she’s a woman.

I dislike her because she has revealed herself to be disingenuous, less than a good person and less than scrupulous. I dislike her because she is a radical feminist, a covert racist and frankly, not a solid presidential candidate.

I won’t miss her when she’s gone.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the forthcoming powerful anthology “Notes From The Edge.” Discounted Autographed and Numbered Pre-Release copies can be ordered at He released his first mini-movie, “Crack,” and this year, will release his first full-length documentary. View previous installments of this column at Reach James at


5 Responses to “The Bridge: Hillary’s Racism and Misandry Won’t Be Missed”

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  2. Mr. Bromont Says:

    A dynamic dynamite article Mr. James. You are a very good and eloquent writer and one of the very reasons I enjoy visiting and reading here.

  3. Hi there!

    This was a very enlightening post!

    Thank you for speaking truth, as you know it.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

    You are invited to visit my blog at any time and share with the brilliant minds that congregate there!

  4. Just curious as to why it’s so popular to hate on Jesse these days? The man was our only mainstream soldier for years and the right wing movement to discredit him seems to have swung all the way to the left side of the spectrum. Who was fighting for equal rights, affirmative action , corporate disinvestment in south africa and the rights of the poor in the 70s and 80s BESIDES Jackson? If you’ve got another name it isn’t well known.

    I’m probably like you in my desire to move toward a society that judges people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin (something Hillary is apparently unwilling to do). But this a dream that has only recently come within reach of being a waking reality. The status quo for people of your complexion has been second class citizenship for most of this country’s history.

    You sound like Rush Limbaugh when you call the man a poverty pimp. Was MLK a poverty pimp when he organized garbage workers in Memphis? What is your problem with standing up for the little guy? Did you get bumped off of CNN because Jesse was available? Maybe on your home planet power concedes something without a demand, but not on this one. It is BECAUSE the “poverty pimps”(your phrase) spoke up that people had the courage to stand up for fairness.It is only BECAUSE Jesse Jackson had the AUDACITY to run in the 80s that Iowans were ready to accept Obama.

    I share many of your thoughts about Hillary. I just cannot understand why you would slander a man who struggled and agitated to make your people into first class citizens in the same manner as those who would rather you be cleaning their toilets and keeping their lawns green and pretty?

  5. Easmachine, have you been living in a time machine or under a rock?
    Jesse Jackson may have been promising in 1968, but along the way, he began to sell out Black people for Burger King Franchises, payola and various and sundry trinkets and trash, while claiming to be for “us.”

    Just because no one else was as visible as this clown, doesn’t mean that he was doing us any damned good. He was a never “our” soldier because he’s been working with the right wing movement you think has been trying to discredit him.

    You need to get back on your Prozac and stop the quivering-lipped ass-kissing of other Black people who you think are saviors. Just because Jackson is the only name you can think of aside from Eddie Murphy doesn’t mean that he was the only person working on behalf of Black people. We always have local politicians, grass roots organizations and INDIVIDUALS. Forgot about that, huh? Jess just loves to step into the limelight and white folks love to pretend he is the only Black person out of MILLIONS who can represent us. That is extremely asinine! Is there one Jew? One Mexican? One white person?
    Maybe I sound like Rush Limbaugh to you, but that’s only because you get all of your info from people like Limbaugh. You sound like there has been a disconnect between your brain and your spinal cord. No, King was not a poverty pimp—he wasn’t in it for the fame or the money, but your boy Jesse clearly is and has been, which is what makes him a pimp.

    To suggest that Jesse paved the way for Obama with a pitiful self-serving campaign for more fame and more money proves that you really are dull. Jesse has never had a real job and is qualified for NOTHING.

    You admitted that you can not understand why I would attack Jesse. You should have stopped there, because you don’t seem to understand much.

    If you like the man, then like him. But don’t pretend that we should all like him.
    Finally, you refer to my people as “your people,” which makes it clear that you are not Black and clear that you should mind your own damned business and stop trying to tell people who should represent them.

    Are you providing Jackson with fellatio?

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