The CEO Manny Halley

In January 1999, Imani Entertainment Group began its journey in becoming one of the premier entertainment companies in the world. Created and nurtured by Founder, Manny Halley, IEG has become a major player in the entertainment world. With a bevy of companies under the IEG umbrella ranging from management to book publishing. This company has set its sights on all aspects of the entertainment world and with hard work, dedication, and a fresh outlook they are posed to take over.

Without a doubt, one of the most influential voices in the entertainment industry is mega successful entrepreneur and music mogul, Manny Halley.  The CEO, of Imani Entertainment Group is responsible for discovering the voice and talent of Grammy Award Nominated R&B singer/songwriter Keyshia Cole.  Born and raised in the inner city streets of Brooklyn, NY, Manny brings the hustle mentality and heart of the streets to the board room serving as the executive producer for Keyshia Cole’s, “The Way It Is” reality series which holds the #1 spot for the highest rated BET program in history and running the nation’s best-selling IHOP for the past 10 years.  With his family by his side, Manny has sought to create a leading empire that the entertainment industry has yet to see.

In 2003, a friend of Halley’s arranged a meeting for him to meet a rising songstress making noise out of Oakland, CA.  The sultry soprano was none other than Keyshia Cole who once she sang for Halley was signed on the spot to his growing entertainment company.  Within the year, Halley arranged a meeting for Cole to meet with Chairman of Geffen Records, Ron Fair, who would be responsible for signing and executive producing Keyshia’s debut and Grammy nominated sophomore albums, “The Way It Is” and “Just Like You.”

In 2006, in conjunction with BET, Halley developed and co-produced the hit reality television series, “The Way It Is”, an original program giving audiences the ultimate backstage pass into the life of Keyshia Cole.  On October 30, 2007, the second season aired following Cole’s new claim to fame and recording of her second album, “Just Like You” while dealing with the demons of her and her family’s past.  Halley’s role was highlighted in the series as viewers saw how flawlessly Halley handled Cole’s day-to-day affairs with press, studio time, artist collaborations and even her family.  The show premiered with outstanding ratings with the second season finale drawing in a reported 3 million viewers and 2 million households becoming BET’s largest returning series and original series in BET history.

A man of strength, faith and humility, Imani “Manny” Halley will not rest until the world knows who Imani Entertainment is. His commitment, dedication and loyalty to his artist and more importantly best interest are unsurpassed.  Halley has merged his many talents and keen sense of delivering what the public wants into his latest endeavors.  If his track record is any indication, the future looks might bright for the entertainment mogul.    Manny Halley (@mannytheceo) on Twitter

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