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My Visit To Colonial Beach, VA

By Gary A. Johnson (October 10-11, 2014)


I took a brief getaway with family and friends to Colonial Beach, VA, this weekend.  The town hosted it’s first ever Colonial Beach Bike Festival which was comprised mostly of Harley Davidson bikes and loyalists based on my novice biker point of view.  A light rain and temperatures in the 50’s put a damper on attendance.  Despite the dreary weather, we walked around parts of the town and visited local businesses.

One of the first stores we visited was the Pottery By Hands Studios A & B.  Immediately upon entering the store we were greeted by a woman named Hannah Janney who introduced herself to us and gave us an extensive tour of the establishment.  20 minutes later, we were still chatting it up with Sarah and got an impromptu pottery class captured in the video below.  Folks, if you are anywhere near Colonial Beach, stop in the Pottery By Hands Studios and purchase some quality paintings, jewelry, furniture and crafts.  Or call Hannah and arrange for a pottery class.  One more thing, be sure and tell her “Gary sent me!”

Sarah Plate Collection   Sarah and Gary 10-11-14

For those who don’t know, Colonial Beach is on the Potomac River conveniently located to Washington, D.C., Richmond, Northern Virginia and Maryland.  The people are friendly and there are a couple of surprise places to eat.  One such place is the The Lighthouse restaurant which specializes in Thai and French cuisine.  Yes, you read that correctly–Thai and French cuisine.  Don’t worry, you can get seafood.  In fact, my friend Mark and I ordered the largest soft shell crab entree we’ve ever seen.  That dish was meaty and full of flavor.  Mark and I also ordered a spicy noodle dish called the “Drunken Noodle” with shrimp, scallops, squid and mussels.  The dish lived up to it’s reputation.

lighthouse_dining_room  drunken-noodle

We closed out the trip by visiting a popular local spot called Ola’s Country Kitchen.  It’s a small place (about 7 tables and a small counter).    The staff was friendly and the owner, Virginia Altimus made us feel welcome.  Ola’s even sells homemade jewelry made by Virginia’s husband.  My sense is that Ola’s is more of a breakfast place, however, several people rave that Ola’s make the best bacon cheeseburgers in the area.  I had the country breakfast with eggs, home fries and sausage.  As we were leaving people started coming in and the place was close to standing room only.

Ola's Country Kitchen   Ola's

Despite the the rain on Saturday, I had a restful and fun weekend.  Colonial Beach did not disappoint.

6 Responses to “ARTS – CRAFTS – TRAVEL”

  1. Just wanted to make a small correction. The owner of Pottery By Hand is Hannah not Sarah. She is wonderful. Glad you stopped in there. Lots of great items by local artists.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to my home town. Come back soon!

  3. You picked several awesome places to eat! Next time you have to check out Denson’s!

  4. We wold like to thank you for your kind write up. You were very thorough and you saw in the owners what we all do. Should have met her mother Ola, or so I’m told, what a lady. Again thank you .

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