The Courtland Experience featuring Christopher Johnson

The Courtland Experiment featuring Christopher Johnson

My name is Christopher Johnson.  Welcome to my opinion column called The Courtland Experiment.  I am the youngest columnist on this website.  I comment on sports, politics and current events.  I’m also the co-host of The Legends of Inside Sports,” (YouTube) with legendary DC radio sports broadcaster and TV host Harold Bell.  In my spare time I am the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentYou can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Harold Bell and Christopher Johnson (Posted Dec. 3, 2017)


The Great Kirk Cousins Debate

Posted November 30, 2017

For the past 2 seasons whether you want to admit it or not Washington Redskins signal caller Kirk Cousins has been one of the better Quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL).  Although his statistics have always been solid it’s the constant improvement and consistency that make Cousins worth the money he’s been seeking.  I can understand the hesitation from the Redskins to make Cousins one of the highest paid Quarterbacks in football fearing a “Joe Flacco-like” situation that occurred with the Baltimore Ravens. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, in 2012 Flacco was playing the best football of his career and jump-starting a Super Bowl run.  As a result, the Ravens made a decision to make Flacco the highest paid Quarterback (QB) in the game.  Once he got paid his production dropped off and the team has not come close to a Super Bowl again.

Cousins, although solid in his early time as a starter, had issues making plays out of nothing and taking over games, but that’s just not the type of player he is. Kirk Cousins is a consistent and fearless leader who is smart and will learn from his mistakes.  He is also a more than solid QB capable of picking defenses apart by spreading the ball around and executing a game plan.

Here’s the bottom line. Kirk Cousins is better than more than half of the starting QBs in the NFL league easily and is still improving every season. His career trajectory and numbers are very similar to New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.  I know, that sounds crazy. I’m not saying he is going reach Drew Brees’ level of greatness, but the potential is there as Cousins continues to improve. The Redskins would be insane to let Cousins go. The team should open their checkbook and sign him to a long-term deal. It is too hard to find a QB capable of being a franchise guy.  If he somehow is on someone else’s roster next season then the Redskins will be competing with the woeful Cleveland Browns for the number one pick in the next NFL draft.

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Harold Bell and Christopher Johnson.

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