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Do You Love Your Life?

Do you love your life? If not, what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams? Here are a few paths to love your life:

1) Live in the “present” moment.  Make peace with your past – therefore it can’t haunt you. Do not obsess about the future.  Have a broad sense of what you want to obtain and allow the present moments/decisions/thoughts to help build that reality.

2) Be “grateful” for all that you have and do not have in the current moment. Grateful for the people who didn’t work out in your life and equally grateful for the meaningful and purposeful vocation that you pursue.

3) Practice “extraordinary acts of self –care”. Taking regular time out for you. Socializing with people you trust and asking for what you need rather than isolating yourself when feeling unsettled. Celebrate your small accomplishments that lead to the big wins.

4) Understand the importance of “choosing” your reactions. Life doesn’t happen to us, when we choose our reactions. A client was laid off three weeks ago. She organized a support group of other laid-off people. They share leads, review each other’s resumes and help each other develop their thirty-second elevator speech to engage people in their search for employment. She volunteers and talks to people about the possibilities she is looking to create. In this market, she has had two job interviews for positions that are larger in scope than what she was doing. There was another recommendation for a job below her skill set, which she shared with a group member more suited for the opportunity. Her group member got the job. They choose to look at the outcome they want; not the thing or things they fear and did not want!

5) Believe in a “Universal Energy” that wants the very best for us and is prepared to create the desires of our heart if we believe it is possible. Do your part to be open. What are you creating? If you aren’t sure look at what you are currently experiencing. That is your creation. Most people like to argue at this point they would never create the negative things they are experiencing.  Let’s experiment:

  • What are your repetitive thoughts? Listen to your thoughts – are they what you want or what don’t want to happen?
  • What, if anything, do you believe in that is beyond what you can see?
  • Do you believe anything is possible?
  • Do you look for signs to support what you want to create – or do you focus on why it can’t happen?

It’s your life and your choice whether to love it or not… Deborah


Secret Sin

A secret is a truth that we believe should remain hidden from others. My reference to sin means to miss the mark.  A secret is externally focused and sin, in this context, is internally focused.

So what is it? The secret sin refers to people who never feel truly “good enough”, no matter their accomplishment(s). Those who secretly say to themselves: “yes, but if they know the real me;” or “they would never accept me, if they knew where I came from;” or “what I use to do”… etc. Fill in your own belief as to why you aren’t embracing the fact that you are worthy. For those of you who say, “I am worthy,” but your actions sabotage your best, keep reading.

The sin we carry is not understanding that our worth is a birthright. It doesn’t matter what we do or what we do not do.  We miss an important mark when we hide who we really are. The mark of being completely whole and authentic is the secret revealed. Living and loving from a powerful space rather than playing at extreme ends, (being braggadocios or shrinking yourself to not be seen), establishes relationships that benefit each person’s soul. Carrying a secret sin or carrying an understanding of your worth, as always, it’s your life and therefore your choice.


Why Words Hurt

We can all agree at some time or another in our lives someone has said something that hurt our feelings. Why do words hurt? Is there some small or large place inside us that fears the hurtful words are true? Is there a place within that suggests to you, the negative words are revealing some part of the real you? And if they are true how can you be lovable? Did the words touch what you believe to be true about you?

Here is what I have learned:

1)   Hurtful words say more about the person talking, than it says about you. Everyone has an opinion that is formed usually by their past experiences and/or what someone told them. Those opinions are neither right nor wrong. They are mere statements and that fact negates its truth in your life and your own experiences.

2)   We all have wondrous aspects of ourselves, which is who we really are – our authentic self.  Being true to ourselves allows us to accomplish what we came to earth to do and be who we came here to be. Who you really are is a loving energy; you were born a clean slate of joy and love. The only thing that changed that for you is learned behavior from listening to others – some well meaning and some not.

3)   We all have flaws that make us perfectly human on a journey of self-discovery. Our experiences allow us opportunities to forgive, heal and help others.

4)   We all have a choice to present our authentic self or not. For those who don’t agree with making a choice as an option, think of no change as a choice.

Wishing you all the very best awareness dear reader in 2012. As always, it’s your life and your choice, Deborah

Are You a Hero in Your Life?

The end of another year is here. While it is custom to review and rate the outgoing year – good or bad; today, I challenge you to ask yourself questions that can help you shape the twelve months ahead in a way that serves you well.

·       Are you a hero in your own life?

·       Are you proud of the energy you have put into the world?

If your answer is yes, how can you be of service to others so they too can answer in the affirmative?

If your answer is no, what is holding you back? DO NOT BLAME ANYONE ELSE! Start with yourself. What do you tell yourself that holds you back? Is what you are telling yourself really true?

One of the things I learned this year was the importance we adults put on thoughts. What if thoughts are just thoughts? Thoughts do not have to be the gospel and we do not have to believe everything we think. Thoughts can change, grow and transform or thoughts can shrink you and put you in despair. If we attach to the random thoughts that create suffering we become stuck. Access the personal courage that is in your heart. Examine your thoughts with that courage so you can choose to be a hero in your own life. Whatever you accept as true for you, stay kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself, it will spill over into your relationships and create the energy of love. And isn’t that what we want to end this year with and begin with in the New Year? As always, it’s your life and therefore your choice to be a hero in your own life. — Deborah


A client told me he wasn’t self -reflective. Being self-reflective is one way we coaches believe people can march toward growth. So I set out to explain why I thought it was important:

  • Self -reflection stops cycles of negative behavior that get in the way of successful living.
  • You can avoid making the same mistakes twice, three times or more. If you repeatedly choose the wrong relationships for yourself, if you can’t keep employment or can’t keep weight off – it’s time to stop the self-sabotage.
  • Is success an arm’s length or short distance away? Check your belief system and dig deep to question when you started feeling unworthy of the very best this life has to offer.

We are on earth to learn different things; however the most meaningful lesson is love. First we learn to love ourselves and second to share that love with others. Sounds simple and is simple.  You merely have to contemplate deep down what you believe about yourself and this life you have been given. It’s your life and your choice to be reflective, Deborah

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