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Dear White People: A Guide To Inter-Racial Harmony In “Post-Racial” America

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By Black Men In Staff

Right out of college, Justin Simien wrote a screenplay about the nuanced experiences of four black students on a predominantly white college campus. The film, Dear White People, garnered a Sundance Award for “Breakthrough Talent” and has been hailed by critics everywhere. Channeling the sensibility of the film into this book, Simien will keep you laughing with his humorous observations, even if you haven’t seen the satiric film.

News Flash—the minimum number of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been raised to two. Rather than panic, readers are advised to purchase a copy of Dear White People. Whether you are a dear white person wondering why your black office mate is avoiding eye contact with you after you ran your fingers through her hair, or you’re a black nerd who has to break it to your white friends that you’ve never seen The Wire, this myth-busting, stereotype-diffusing guide to a post-Obama world has something for you!

With decision-making trees to help you decide when it’s the right time to wear Blackface (hint: probably never) and quizzes to determine whether you’ve become the Token Black Friend™, Dear White People is the ultimate silly-yet-authoritative handbook to help the curious and confused navigate racial microaggressions in their daily lives.

Based on the eponymous, award-winning film, which has been lauded as “a smart, hilarious satire,” this tongue-in-cheek guide is a must-have that anybody who is in semi-regular contact with black people can’t afford to miss!

Click here to view the official “Dear White People” trailer.

About Justin Simien

Justin Simien is the writer / director and a producer of the critically acclaimed feature, Dear White People, which won the Special Jury Award for ‘Breakthrough Talent” at the 2014 Sundance film festival. The film was also awarded with the “Audience Award” at the 2014 San Francisco International Film Festival, and also earned Justin a spot in in Variety magazine’s “10 Directors to Watch”.

Justin gained national attention after making a “concept trailer” for his then unproduced screenplay of “Dear White People” that went viral on YouTube garnering over a million views and fifty thousand dollars in donations from fans around the world. Before entering the world of content creation, Justin worked as a Publicist and Marketing specialist for film companies such as Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, and Sony Television.

Justin currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to write, direct and produce for film and television.  Click here to learn more about Justin by visiting his official website.

Critics Were Right About Obama’s Incompetence

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Obama Bites Lip

By Raynard Jackson

During the past six years, some Republicans and conservatives have described President Obama and his administration as totally incompetent. I have harshly criticized those who would use such incendiary language because it showed total disrespect for the office of the presidency.Though I still think this language is totally inappropriate, I have come to agree with the point they were trying to make: this administration is in way over its head. Obama and his team constantly lie to the American people (IRS, Benghazi, illegal immigration), they put the interests of others before the interests of Americans, and they are obsessed with the notion of being “liked.”

Two weeks ago, President Obama told us that he “intends to destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) without putting American boots on the ground.” Everyone who follows politics and foreign policy knew Obama was lying. This is what his former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, had to say, “There will be boots on the ground if there’s to be any hope of success in the strategy… I think that by continuing to repeat that [there will be no boots on the ground], the president in effect traps himself.”

Obama refuses to admit the obvious simply because of the upcoming mid-term elections. His liberal base would defect en masse from Democratic candidates all across the country if he actually told the truth.

Then again, this is the same president who has constantly lied to those in the country illegally about giving them amnesty by executive fiat. He has now promised to do it after the elections in November. Remember, one of the main tenants of liberalism is “intent.” Obama will argue that he didn’t “intend” to put boots on the ground, but circumstances on the ground changed. He “intended” to give illegals amnesty, but if Republicans take over the senate, he can’t.

As a U.S. Senator and a candidate for president in 2008, Obama was a very harsh critic of Bush’s war in Iraq. Yet, in six years as president, he has continued the Bush doctrine in foreign policy (attempting to spread “democracy” around the world).

According to the London based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ), “Since becoming president in 2009, Obama has launched over 330 drone attacks in Pakistan alone; Bush only launched 51 in four years.” When you add in Yemen and Somalia, according to this same report, the total jumps to 390 drone attacks and have killed more than 2,400 people (273 of whom were innocent civilians).

Many Democrats called for Bush to be tried as a murderer and a war criminal. So what does that make Obama?

This administration thinks that everyone is “entitled” to be in the U.S., whether they entered legally or not. They are providing five-star accommodations for illegals, while American citizens are increasingly homeless, more likely to be unemployed, and less educated.

In essence, Obama and his administration actually think he was elected to be president of the world. They think they and we Americans should be willing to sacrifice our own standard of living to provide relief to those around the world who are less fortunate than us. Not even Jimmy Carter displayed this level of arrogance and disdain toward his own country and its people.

We are not responsible for the problems of the world. How do you justify allowing illegals into the country under the guise that “they are just looking for a better life in America” when Americans are looking for the same thing – in their own country?

In the 1980s, Cuba unlocked its jails and dumped the worst of their worst into the U.S., which led to the drug cartels wreaking havoc in Miami. Now we are allowing the most unskilled illegals to enter into our country from Central America and wreak havoc on the inner cities as well as the suburbs.

As president of the world, Obama really believes that we should have no borders, even if it jeopardizes our national security. Our intelligence community has already publicly and privately admitted that terrorist from the Middle East have already entered into the U.S. from Mexico.

Obama really thinks the sheer strength of his magnetic personality will get Iran to give up its nuclear program, get Putin to return U.S. traitor Edward Snowden to the U.S. and cause Bashar al-Assad to leave the presidency of Syria.

In trying so hard to be liked, world leaders don’t fear or respect him. As Niccolò Machiavelli said, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”

Obama is neither.

Raynard Jackson 2013 Raynard Jackson is president & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC., a Washington, D.C.-based public relations/government affairs firm. He can be reached through his Web site, You can also follow him on Twitter @raynard1223.

Could Covert Tactics Impact Social and Economic Disparities?

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Thomas Duffy

By T. Duffy

First I must say, this information isn’t to single out any group, although being black I’ve seen how it’s become an ongoing certainty for many against us.

But I’ll begin by saying I believe any endeavor that was used to structure this country, besides subjugating the Native American the original inhabitants, was always a process of greed facing probability. First and foremost, because of uncontrollable actions of overzealous increasing immigrants, adding the irresolute viewpoints and mindset that later divided people into regions, fueling numerous clashes, stirring animosity towards an eventual civil war. I may have said a lot here, but I will show few ever learn from history.

Much later something occurred that was significant for that period that also affected all people. In 1930 President Herbert Hoover announced to the country during the great depression, the worst had passed, so the economy would improve. But he was wrong because it lasted until 1939, the beginning of World War II. So we see someone leading the country during a very bad situation, to another that was surely uncertain. When unverified perceptions have no consideration for the seriousness or consequences upon others, the results can be catastrophic.

The same exists today because of a few and it should be as frightening, and it’s almost socially suicidal, because people listen, follow, as they immediately begin to take sides as well. Technology should say people are somewhat smarter than those of the past, but their ignorance is seen in how they avoid understanding those yearning for power has only one allegiance, that’s to those  already in the position to exert some power. Meantime the depth of its passion, I believe is because of where and why. The [where] is primarily from red states, the [why] is more likely because of fear. Fear of a changing ethnic and social landscape, where traditional ideology would no longer restrict the most notable need for diversity and progress.

My thoughts and facts: When the word came out about the likely number of people of Mexican heritage now living in the country, an alarm went off and soon afterwards followed by opinions that suggested many could be illegal. States where most lived, searched for new regulations, but meantime started to profile anyone who looked Mexican. The concern about anyone being in the country illegally is important for many reasons, but no one ever pushed to search further within the population amongst other groups, who may have a concentrated amount of people who were here illegally also. This may sound like the employee telling on those who were late for work, because he was the only one caught that morning, but fairness should be more than an idea.

Anyway the article that sparked my interest was published in The New America, which seemed to be a U.S. Census publication. I was surprised the information would be near to what I always thought existed as far as finding what group really had the most people of the general population. Of course whites as a unified group may outnumber non whites, but separately according to nationality they may not.

I didn’t expect it would imply it was providing information because of more illegal immigrants. The most critical part to me, was thinking there was less alarm or concerned with these facts, compared to details regarding Mexicans in the country. Of course I knew why, but it still didn’t support or criticize any group, so my intent is to show how the potency of one group has a probability of turning things around.

The lead in to the article was a question, “The largest ethnic group in America”? The answer was “It’s Germans”, which would probably surprise most people.

As my interest grew, it began by talking about the surge of Hispanics in the country. It emphasized more than half of the 3,143 counties in the country; contain a plurality of people who describe themselves as German Americans. I wondered if it should matter to most people. But I realized immediately, why it should, because it didn’t say there was a percentage that were poor or in need of some assistance. On the other hand, maybe it was left out because it wasn’t important at the time, but reading they were slightly older and better educated than the general population, besides 1/3 attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. I started to read it more carefully to see what other information made them so unique for someone to write this article.

Being familiar with Pennsylvania, I was surprised their ethnic belt extended from eastern Pa. to the Oregon coast, with 40 percent occupying positions of management, business, science and the arts. Reading further, it stated 85 percent live in the same place as they did in 2009, so taking a quick look at the map of the country, I discovered many lived in those red states. Considering what I was thinking at the time, it wouldn’t matter if they were called black and white states, which would give a clearer reason for what I’m thinking, but If any of this was true and it seemed to be. Politically I would first imagine the destiny of a 2 party political system which remains important, to be in jeopardy because it could end up becoming a two against one with the tea party a rising uncompromising group within those same areas. In addition what could solidify it to almost guarantee some problems, are the change of laws in southern states that have started to alter specific rights for blacks and others, such as voting.

Not allowing anxiety to take over logic, I still couldn’t put this aside. Other than blacks/ African Americans, I began to think about other non whites groups, to realize most are primarily committed to communities they recreated here, so they may have less interest in most social changes in the country if it has no affect on them. Furthermore since their communities are often traditional in content, they are satisfied to be accepted by those social networks. So it gave me a reason to believe few of these communities, believe they should be involved in the politics or social issues of the country, because it could change their way of life.

My question from here is what does this mean for blacks / African Americans who can only improve their situation by creating laws to protect them, or try to preserve those that already exist? How do they avoid being caught up in old traditional ways of this country, or those brought here from other places, if progress is what got them to where they are today?

Meantime, whites are the only peopling who’s concerned about their majority status changing, so my views about it would be almost parallel to the writer of the article. Speaking in their favor, I can assure them they may have little to worry about for a while. Regardless who would eventually become a majority, if they’re stuck in tradition or not have adequate resources or some measure of edification as the group indicated here, they won’t be able to release people out into the society who would continue devoting their lives to sustain them. Laboring can offer only minimum success, if person’s/people aren’t capable of acquiring certain substantial positions in the society that would elevate themselves and their group.

Although we had no power to change it, we were still made aware of the individuals who invested millions of dollars during the presidential campaign trying to rearrange situations in their favor. What are our safeguards against an assembly that has such self-reliance? Considering how difficult it has been for the country to stabilize so it can function, circumstances like this should be of interest to anyone, but blacks primarily because what they may have to face, could be more serious as possibly losing their voting rights. Democracy usually means something different, if you have no reason to be concerned if it’s being implemented fairly.

References for article: The New America, powered by U.S. Census, dated March 18th 2012.

Bloomberg analysis of census data identifies teutonic tracts

Title: The largest ethnic group in America?  It’s Germans.

Happy Birthday Mr. President…No Matter What The Racist Say

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By Jeff Bowden

Five years ago I hosted my 50th birthday party.  Heck I was half way to being 100 and I do plan on being 100. I invited all my closest and choices friends and family. I enjoyed best wishes and wonderful (Gary) tributes.  I was celebrated in sign language and in dance, I was fifty years old and I had a great time.  Everyone I know who reaches their fiftieth will do something special.  I went skydiving, didn’t go Rocky  Mountain climbing, and I’ve seen a guy go 3.7 seconds on a bull name…

Okay, what’s my point.  I am sick and tired of the ganging up, lambasting, criticizing, marginalizing and outright no holds barred, blatant, over the top, racism against Barack H. Obama.  Recently this strong, intelligent, noble Black man who is the President of the United States celebrated 50th years young.  He deserves it; like anyone else, he has a right; like anyone else, he’s earned it; like anyone else but for some reason the social construct that is the media, political system, and economic organizations don’t see it that way and so when George W. Bush can enjoy his birthday with his Texas cronies and not have it called a “redneck” gathering, when George H.W. Bush can celebrate by jumping out of a plane, it’s not called a “senior moment” or when Bill Clinton celebrate his birthday it not called an “outdated American Bandstand revival”.  President Obama when he has a birthday party that included people of all races, nationalities, social strata and professions. The racist media skips right past the Marine Corp Band, Stevie Wonder, Tom Hanks and Oprah and went straight to Jay Z, Charles Barkley, and Chris Rock and called his birthday party a “Hip Hop BBQ” and that for some reason that defies logic the party was supposed to stimulate job growth.  WTF?

Do these political, social and economic institutions really want a total collapse of the American society, it is really their aim to completely obliterate the systems of civility, do they really want a class and race war.  Because if this is what they want and all indications points to that, then what a rude awakening is before them when they invite folks to that Tea party and nobody comes.  What is equally troubling is the lack of a strong voice from person of other cultures and ethnic back grounds not yelling from the highest podium that we too are sick and tired of this.  Where is the voice of the notable leaders of other racial heritage speaking from their pulpits, universities, and businesses standing up and standing out against this nastiness. In a couple of weeks we will be unveiling the first and only national monument on the National Mall that will honor a man who neither achieve the office of president and was a Black man, never held a public office and was a Black man, never worked for the military and was a Black man, all he did was walk and talk, organized and spoke up, shared his vision and criticized racist and racism, liberated all people from a myopic perspective on equality and freedom.  This monument will honor sacrifice and selflessness for the greater good and yet when we celebrate with marches, songs, reading, speeches and prayers, waiting in the wings will be ignorance, prejudice and bigotry.  And we must insist that everyone speaks out.

We Remember Dr. King

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On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated.  Given where we (America) were then, and where we are as a nation today, one has to wonder if we have reached the “Promised Land” that Dr. King referenced in his last public speech in Memphis on the night of April 3rd.  Are you using your personal sphere of influence and power to help make Dr. King’s dream a reality?

Learn more about Dr. King and view rare photographs and videos on our Martin Luther King, Jr. page on our main site at

Bernie Mac Is Dead

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Bernie Mac Photo Credit-Lisa O’Connor/

August 9, 2008 – Bernie Mac died early today at Northwestern Memorial hospital in Chicago, IL., of complications due to pneumonia. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian was 50-years old.

In 2005 Mac publicly disclosed that he suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body’s organs. He has repeatedly said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently had been hospitalized and treated for pneumonia.

Mac had starring roles in “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Bad Santa,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and “Transformers.”

Staffers of this blog first saw Bernie Mac in 1986 at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. He was substituting as the host for Def Comedy Jam for Martin Lawrence who was sick. On that same show was a young comedian with processed hair by the name of Bill Bellamy.

Bernie Mac ripped the stage up with his comedy that night. His fame came late in his career but early enough for him to star in movies, HBO Specials and a critically acclaimed syndicated television series named after him which aired more than 100 episodes from 2001 to 2006.

Rest In Peace Bernie Mac.

What are your thoughts and/or memories of the “Mac Man?”

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